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Just Ripe: Gamay

Just Ripe: Gamay

I don’t know if it’s just this time of the year or just the 100% Gamay that leaves me looking all ‘hearts in my eyes.’ After working a long first day of harvest at the winery, the sheer thought of cracking open this great bottle of Gamay makes me feel giddy. Side thought; it may also be the sparkling wine we popped to celebrate our harvest kick-off! A wicked Ontario wine but not from Niagara and readily available at the LCBO; Grange of the Prince Edward 2013 Estate Gamay. I was actually so excited to write about this wine because I knew I would get to drink it. Since starting this article I have gone through two bottles, really trying to get to know the wine and learning, that it is just too dang drinkable. On first attempt I managed to shamelessly drink carefree while not writing down a single thought or word on the page. I was just caught in the moment of enjoyment and I’ll be honest, relaxing after a long day of work. Let’s face it…this wine is just too damn delicious.

It smells like a big ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb with fresh cranberries and has a soft spiced rose petal finish. It also tastes so amazing! It’s cranberries and cranberries and cranberries and raspberries but also isn’t all just about the fruit. There are levels of some grit as well…it’s the perfect combination of rugged and cute. Not to mention it is from Prince Edward County which is an amazing wine region about half way to Montreal from Niagara and I am loving the wines coming from here. Did I mention Gamay basically pairs with everything too. It’s a red wine that has tons of flavour and is light to medium bodied and not “kill your taste buds” huge.

When to drink: Drink this wine on a sunny but cool autumn day when you can feel the sun cutting through the breeze and beating down on your skin. Watching the leaves change colour as they create the most perfect skyline, a sight you can see but also makes you feel all the splendour that autumn has to offer or whenever you want!

Wine: 2013 Estate Gamay
Winery:The Grange of the Prince Edward, Hillier ON
Price: $17.35
Exclusively at the LCBO

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