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Just Ripe: Riesling

Just Ripe: Riesling

These days it seems like everyone I know has a hate on for Riesling. I don’t understand why, this tasty and versatile wine is looking like the weird kid at school that nobody wants to eat lunch with. A quick refresh; Riesling is a type of white wine that hails from Germany and is now growing all over the world. Tastes like apples and citrus with splashes of nectarine, bursts of citrus blossom. Mostly we think riesling to be sweet, but it has a pretty large spectrum of flavor. Ranging from the sweet ones, which can be your best friend when eating spicy food but it can also come very dry with a cutting acidity. In Niagara we see Riesling in every shape and size so whether you want to drink it sweet, sour or just experiment with it, it’s completely up to you.

Some local Rieslings will literally tell you right in the name whether it’s going to be a “dry riesling” or, if you see anything called “late” know that it will be sweet and maybe more then you are used too. If you’re out shopping and it doesn’t tell you right in the name, cast your gaze to the sugar content on the price tag just below. Very generally speaking if the riesling is 8g/L or less it will come across crisp, super refreshing and very dry. If the sugar is around 8-18g/L the wine will definitely show more in mouthfeel and the touch of sugar will be a nice balance to the acidity that Riesling has. There are some sweeter Rieslings that contain around 18-42g/L of sugar which might seem quite sweet on their own. Drink it with your favorite spicy Thai dish and watch as the heavens open up and the angels sing…and just like that you’ve discovered your love for this wine.

If you’re reading this and are still thinking “I am good with my Sauvignon Blanc” I want to tell you to STOP IT. Take this information and go try some Rieslings that your haven’t tried before. Riesling is probably one of the most food friendly wines out there and is also just darn crushable, not to mention it’s the second largest produced grape varietal under VQA. So whether you’re eating or just sipping, your palate will love you for giving it something fun, easy and totally delicious.

Try these!

VERY DRY (the way I sip them)
Angels Gate Riesling 13.95
Vineland Estates Dry Riesling $14.95

BALANCED (also great)
Wildass Riesling 14.25
Fielding Riesling 15.95

ON THE SWEETER SIDE (drink with spicy shit)
Brickyard Riesling 15.95
Cave Spring Riesling 15.95

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