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@The Just Ripe: Rose

@The Just Ripe: Rose

Its cold and a little bit flurry outside, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be enjoying the great taste of a pink wine. Ever since the super popular social media craze; #yeswayrosé & #roséseason, people are waiting for warm spring days and ‘patio sipping’ to drink their pinks. Why do we have to wait for the weather to be reaching ‘bathing suit temperatures’ to drink this amazing juice? Well, I am finally putting my foot down and shouting out that rosé is my wine of February. Not only is it the colour of Valentines, it also pairs great with chocolate(seriously!). Not to mention, this wine will cure your winter blues, it creates this warming feeling and that’s not just from the alcohol, its the colour, the idea, and the feeling of fun that all plays along with it.

Malivoires, 2016 Ladybug Rosé is so much fun! It is a ‘get up and dance, shimmy’n shakin’, hip swaying, bumpin’ and grindin’ kind of party in a glass. It’s the colour of a red snapper and the clarity of a crystal. It smells like pink roses, maraschino cherries and cranberries, that are well accompanied with a hint of anise. The palate has medium body and is full of super ripe strawberries that are very well balanced with juicy and plump acids. This wine has a surprisingly longer finish then I first anticipated and sort of reminds me of Eminem’s retirement… long as all and just keeps getting better, every time he comes back. The bright colour of this wine may lead you to think that it is a bit sweeter…however, it isn’t. Although it doesn’t have that light pink colour which I normally tend to veer towards, this wine drinks quite dry and only has 6 grams of sugar per litre (which is pretty low in “wine talk”).

Honestly, if you’re not “in” to Valentines Day, then get “in” to it… it’s FUN. It usually falls on a weekday and it’s a day where you get to actually make an excuse to drink great wines with your loved ones, whether it’s the actual love of your life, an amazing group of friends, your dog, Gary Clark Jr. or whoever else you are listening to these days. The Malivoire, 2016 Ladybug Rosé should be the wine you are refilling your glass with this V-day. Drink it with good music, dark Lindt chocolates or some Hoisin BBQ chicken wings and depending on your company, wearing the sexiest little number you own. Happy Valentines Day <3

Wine: 2016 Ladybug Rosé
Price: $16.95
Winery: Malivoire
Address: 4260 King St, Beamsville ON
Also: Available at the LCBO
Fact: This wine is made from 3 red grape varietals; Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir & Gamay

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