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The JustRipe: Creekside Syrah

The JustRipe: Creekside Syrah

The past few years I have spent many of my dollars on Niagara on the Lake wines and have finally this year made the commitment to venture more heavily to the Bench area. I guess I was staying more zoned towards NOTL out of sheer convenience and now that I am working in a wine cellar in Vineland, I have been able to meet and try new wineries in the Jordan/Vineland area that have just blown me away. Creekside Winery is one of those wineries. Not that this is my first encounter with Creekside but they have some pretty amazing wines and is definitely a winery you should be visiting this weekend! Not only do they have great wines and have Syrah leading as one of their dominant features but during the summer months you can sit on the deck enjoy the sweet views and eat a killer burger from ‘In the Smoke Cookery’. Creekside makes a huge $45 Syrah that is just down right delicious. This is a short form description; This Syrah has a splash of 3% Viognier (which is a white grape) in it. After those grapes have fermented and have had all of the wine pressed from the skins off it goes into barrel. Then the winemakers Rob and Yvonne taste through every barrel and essentially choose the best barrels to blend to make what they call the “Broken Press Syrah”(said wine above). There are some barrels from that exact wine that they do not use and oh baby, that is what I am drinking tonight!

In the right corner of the ring, weighing in at 13.6% alcohol, a big bold bulging flavor and rippling tannins is the” Iconoclast Syrah.This is one of those heavy front-loaded wines, it really winds up, pulls back and throws a quick, swift left hook right to your pallet. A left hook that is packed full of dark fruit like black cherries and blackberries growing from bushes and trees made of smoky leather. It is big bold and still has the ability to keep its brightness. A friendly acidity that is well balanced, very approachable while still having some super handsome tannins that will stick with you. Drinking this wine is a treat, it’s literally like being at an open-fire pork roast set in a field of blowing violets, wearing your favorite dirt covered boots and noticing the feeling of the earth beneath your feet. Initially when I first poured this wine, I thought it was very berry, floral with serious amounts of tobacco but as soon as it sat in my glass and started to open up I couldn’t stop smelling the amazing and decadent aroma of cooking bacon, which is the best smell ever…even vegans think bacon smells good! This is one of those wines you can really curl up with whether you are re-reading your favorite book or binge watching the new ‘Stranger Things’ season it will keep you feeling cozy and warm all November. This wine is at a great price point of $25 especially for the quality of fruit and effort that goes into making this wine. Now if you are looking for something at a more Monday night price point, Creekside also makes a self titled Syrah that is available at the LCBO for a steal of $15.95. This wine may not be as big of a heavy hitter as the Iconoclast is but is most definitely enjoyable from first to last sip.

Wine : 2015 Iconoclast Syrah: $24.95
2015 Creekside Syrah: $15.95

Winery: Creekside Estate Winery
2170 Fourth Ave, Jordan Station

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