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Kaptur The Moment

Kaptur The Moment

Kaptur played their last show in 2015. Earlier this year they released a three song EP, Go to Waste, their first release since a 2014 EP. “We’ve had those tracks for a while,” says guitarist and vocalist Riley Jensen, “we recorded them at the same time we recorded Feast or Famine and they were in various stages of completion over the course of a year and a half.”
The band has been through a few road blocks in the past two or three years, and have gone through some lineup changes.

“We have a completely new percussion section,” says Jensen, “we’re trying this crazy double drummer thing. It’s Davis Maxwell on drums and Nicholas Braun on auxiliary percussion.”

Also new to Kaptur is Mitch Clement (Camper) on bass. That leaves guitarist, Andrew Grierson, and Jensen as the sole remaining members from the early days of Kaptur.

“The funny thing is,” says Jensen, “the band has had a consistent jam schedule, we haven’t stopped being a band, we just didn’t play any shows. We’ve been writing the whole time and we’ve been focused on new ways to do stuff, like the double drummer thing.”

With a new release under their belt and a show in January with Bike Thieves, Jensen feels like it’s a fresh start for the band and has big plans for the new year: “We’re going to try to put out a song every month next year. We’re going to be recording them as it goes. I need deadlines. I need that reason. Let’s just say we’re going to put out a song every month and die trying.”

The planned release for Kaptur’s first new single, Spirit, is January 1. For Jensen and Maxwell, who are wrapping up some tour dates with the Heavy Hearts, that might mean a few late recording sessions over the holidays. However, Maxwell is recording the single at his studio, allowing the band to work on their schedule.

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Jensen is ready for the challenge: “When we get back I’ve got do vocals. I want that urgency, I need that or I won’t get anything done because two years have passed since we played a show, almost three.”

Kaptur will be performing at the Warehouse on Friday, January 5, with Bike Thieves.

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