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Kid Koala’s Satellite Turntable Orchestra Review

Kid Koala’s Satellite Turntable Orchestra Review

Eric San, aka Kid Koala, is a full-spectrum, multi-dimensional human being. And he gives all of himself over to his audience in his recent interactive show, Satellite Turntable Orchestra. What makes this event so extraordinary is not even the music (which is beautiful and unforgettable) but San’s storytelling and personality. He is a master communicator and this carries the entire show. The experience is educational, intimate and poignant.

The audience was as diverse as the show; families, couples, young children, singles, elderly. San’s ability to hold the entire crowd speaks to his skill and genius. I brought my two boys, 7 and 10, and it was a night we will remember for a long time. Especially his closing song, in which he played Moon River as an homage to his mother, a song which I sing to my own kids every night. In essence, he finished with our lullaby. It was perfect.

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The interactive component of the show is nothing short of a miracle. There was an unspoken sense of being part of a community and making music together with strangers was surprisingly unifying. San guided us through the evening, as we explored the turntables that were available at every table. They were easy to use, my seven year old had it down by the end of the first song, and the quality of the sound coming from each table was clear and flawless.

Satellite is a show that you could attend over and over again. It is a fully sensual experience; visually soothing, tactile and interstellar. The music will bring you outside of yourself, soften your edges and send you somewhere completely new. It is a trip worth taking.

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