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Learning Curves: Sinner

Learning Curves: Sinner

By Zoe Adams

“The EP has been a long time coming. It’s really been a learning experience for all of us,” said Phil Paxton, vocalist of local band Sinner. “It’s a two-song titled ‘Scorched Earth.’ We recorded in School House Studios out in Dundas. It was good. We were out in the middle of nowhere with no distractions. We spent a weekend recording and focused our best on getting it done.”

Though this is Sinner’s first EP, it isn’t their first time recording.
“Our previous studio experience was definitely a huge learning curve individually and as a group,” said Kyle Fisher, one of the band’s guitarists. “We learned what works in recording and what didn’t.”

“Things can sound so different on a recording than they do live, so we had to figure that out,” added Trent, the band’s bassist.

Sinner also enjoys playing with other bands around Niagara.

“We loved to play with Without. Ism would be sick to play with. Yeah, we’d really like to play with more local bands.”

People have a lot to say about the St. Catharines scene. However, it tends to look a little different from the inside.

“The Niagara scene has definitely become a community. I think it peaked and went downhill a little bit, maybe—but there’s a ton of bands and there’s hope for it.” Phil continued, “It takes a lot to come out on the scene as a band. Like, it’s way easier to click on Facebook that you’re going to an event than it is to actually make it out.”

“It’s cool to be surrounded by this type of scene, though, because we’re all just friendly competition for each other,” said Kyle. “Having so many bands in Niagara really makes you want to push yourself. We like to a write bunch of riffs that we can’t play, so when you finally get it, you feel really accomplished!”

“While we’ve been making this EP, we’ve been trying to find our sound. We’ve been working on ourselves as a band. Start small, you know? It’s worth it in the long run,” said Phil. “We’ve been constantly working and keeping ourselves afloat. We hope to push out a lot more new music faster.”

Scorched Earth rips through you and the heavy tones definitely drag you through the mud (in a great way). The breakdown in Charlatan is enough to hook you right away.

“Knowing what we do from our first experience recording, and now this one, we’re now hoping the process will become much smoother. It already has,” Kyle added.

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Promoting yourself is an important discussion for any band hoping “to go somewhere.” Sinner has been doing their best to make sure they reach as many people as possible.

“We’re printing some buttons; we’re doing a reprint of the reaper shirt on black. It’s good to get your stuff out there,” said Kyle.

“I’ve been sending out emails like crazy,” mentioned Phil. “In the last bit we’ve been promoting, but laying low until now. We revamped our social media. We want to have enough of a presence without being annoying. We actually tried to pay Facebook to promote us. They declined because the album artwork has cartoon nipples on it. Like what is that about? #FreeTheNipple

“Dylan Zdrobov did the art for Scorched Earth, and he obviously killed it. And someone else we have to thank is Courtney Michaud for her beautiful photography. Of course, we wouldn’t be anywhere without IndoorShoes. And we really wouldn’t be anywhere without our friends and people helping us out.”

Keep your eyes and ears open for SINNER. We’ll be hearing a lot from them in the near future.

Sinner performs at Detour Music Hall with Without on Friday June 17.

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