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LGBTQ+ In The City: Moving Forward

LGBTQ+ In The City: Moving Forward

Happy New Year’s SOUND Readers! As a new year begins and 2018 fades away, we wanted to reflect on the year in LGBTQ+ news!

So, let’s face it, A LOT happened on the world’s stage in 2018. But we don’t want to rehash the common everyday news stories, we wanted to highlight the year for LGBTQ+ people in the news. Because we’re gay. And we can.

Let’s start with the usual room-clearing, family feud topic: Politics. Our Premier, despite making his first official decree as Premier to bestow Ontario with cheap beer (despite the virtual economic impossibility of such a move) has quickly set his sights on the Trans community. At a recent political conference it was mentioned that the Conservative party would consider stopping any progress that Trans people have made in fighting for acceptance and visibility by considering Trans identities as a “liberal ideology”.

So basically, to them, Trans is just a crackpot theory that Liberals created to deflect from Kathleen Wynne’s missteps. That’s even worse than the usual “homosexual activist” badge they so freely handed out to anyone supporting gay and lesbian people in the 90s. At least we were allowed to remain as physical matter and not be relegated to the same ranks as Santa Claus or the Keto diet.

As well, the Conservative government decided that education about sexuality has become too informed. Their solution to the outcry from parents and activist groups that children were being told too much, too soon, was to unilaterally reverse the progress of the Ontario curriculum and revert to using the sexual education curriculum from 1998.

So, in other words, lets back up so we can move forward.
Ignoring the positive changes that allow students to use proper terminology and learn the dangers of cybersex, ‘sexting’ and date rape, they decided that the presentation of gay marriage, trans identity and other social realities was just too darn much for the kiddies. So let’s use the document, now 20 years old, that refer to gay people as “trouble ahead.”

All has not been sunshine and rainbows on a global scale either.

Two people were caned in public for ‘attempting lesbian sex’ in Malaysia. Bermuda is pushing to enforce a gay marriage ban, and Indonesia plans to fine residents for “LGBT” behaviour. In the US, President Trump is pushing for one’s gender to be based on their birth sex, because of course he is.

Let’s dispel the darkness and look at the Cheers for Queers this year! Vermont’s Christine Hallquist, the first openly transgender major party nominee, won the Democratic Nomination. Costa Rica will recognize same sex marriage in 2020, and in Hong Kong they will recognize same-sex partnerships when granting visas. Greece is allowing same-sex couples to adopt, and Pakistan has the first transgender news anchor in Marvia Malik.

Enough with the ‘news’. Let’s take a look at the influence that really matters to our youth – pop culture celebrities! 2018 saw some noteworthy names identify as LGBTQ+, or at least “not completely heterosexual.”

They didn’t call last year 20gayteen for nothing! We found well over 40 notable people that had come out in some way. Here are four of the people we decided to share with you.

Janelle Monae (singer): Monae has been in different relationships with men and women over the years, she isnt a fan of labels but identifies with pansexuality if any of the labels.

Kevin Mchale (actor): from the hit show Glee recently just came out and acknowledged his sexuality. He was motivated to do so because of a song that ariana grande has recently released “no tears left to cry”

Abbi Jacobson (actress): from the show Broad City has come out as bisexual, all she asks is that the man or woman she is dating has to be funny and they have to love what they do!

Paris Jackson (daughter of Michael Jackson): admits that she has had crushes on girls for years and has even been seen kissing girls in the past.

2018 as a year is a lot like life, it will have the good and the bad but if you do your best to focus on the positive, things always look a little brighter!

Cheers to the past but here’s to the future!

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