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Limestone Chorus Emerges From Hibernation

Limestone Chorus Emerges From Hibernation

A year has elapsed since their last Niagara show with The Wooden Sky, but the members of Limestone Chorus have been quite active. “A lot of us have been dipping our hands into different projects” says vocalist and guitarist, Jordan Nicolaides. While Nicolaides and fellow vocalist and guitarist, Wilson Hadfield have explored solo opportunities, Ben Goerzen (bass and vocals) and Eric Rudling (drums) have recorded and performed with other bands

Nicolaides admits that Limestone Chorus has been a little quiet the past year, but is looking forward to their show in St. Catharines as well as a second date in Toronto, “in terms of songwriting, it’s been a bit of a hibernation over the last while, so it’s exciting to get out of that and have these back-to-back gigs and get back on that wave of playing show after show and hopefully that ignites some writing and some gathering.

With members living in St. Catharines and Toronto, the distance sometimes poses a challenge; however Nicolaides is confident in progress, however incremental it may seem, “the songwriting process, whether it’s quiet or intensely loud at any point in time, it’s always present, it’s always ongoing to some degree – little pieces are happening here and there.”
While the band has yet to set a recording date, Nicolaides highlights the importance of taking their next album somewhere further, “we have the feeling that you can only write so many songs in the same kind of style before it’s more appropriate to switch it up and see what sounds you can get out of that. We’re excited to try to change it up, turn it upside down and try out something new.

At the same time, he doesn’t want to lose sight of the sincerity that is so present in the music of Limestone Chorus. They have always been a band that leads with the heart. According to Nicolaides, “you want to be honest with what’s coming out of you. I guess that’s been the biggest challenge for me and maybe for the band as a whole: being honest, but also wanting to push that further and not get too comfortable.”

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Since releasing their debut full-length album, Deer Friends, in 2016, the band has added two members: Colin Fenwick on bass and Sandro Rocco on pedal steel. According to Nicolaides, “it brings the sound to another level. Colin holds the bass lines down and on our album we just have pedal steel on one song, whereas Sandro plays all our songs with us, so it brings a whole other dynamic live.”

Limestone Chorus will hit the stage on Saturday, February 23 along with their friends, Katey Gatta & the Nomads and Midnight Vesta. The show begins at 8pm at Warehouse. Tickets are $10 in advance.

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