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Local Artisans Pop-Up in Downtown St. Catharines

Local Artisans Pop-Up in Downtown St. Catharines

After the runaway success of last year’s inaugural Artisan Collective Pop-Up Shop at 122 St. Paul St., Jolene Antle of Garden City Essentials and Jean Rumney decided that they should put their minds together to make the Pop-Up Shop an annual event in downtown St. Catharines.

Their first Pop-Up Shop illuminated St. Paul St. and customers came in droves. The exposed brick and the well-decorated store were pleasing to the eyes, and the 30 vendors selling their unique wares offered a vast variety of handmade goods.

“It kind of had an eclectic feel,” said Rumney. “A rustic chic,” added Antle. “It’s really fun to set up.”

While the pair are just about to set work into setting up their second shop, Rumney explained that she has been doing events similar in nature for over 20 years, ranging from venues from her house to the Shaw Festival.

“My house just became too small. I knew some people who were able to help find some empty storefronts, and it just kind of grew,” explained Rumney.

Rumney and Antle met while working in the Wardrobe Department at the Shaw Festival. It was there that they began setting the wheels in motion for their shop.

“I’ve always wanted to have a shop, but without taking on the responsibility and risk of it all,” said Antle. “We both had a lot of artisan friends and connections and we just curated all the stuff that we liked.”

With their second Pop-Up Shop slowly reaching it’s date, both ladies suggested that shopping habits within our society are changing, something that should benefit the 30 or so vendors that are going to be housed on King St. for a few days.

“I think there’s a local makers movement that has been escalating for a few years now. It’s in the same vein as how people want to come downtown and support our downtown. I think that people don’t want to go to the malls anymore and have a cold, impersonal experience.”

The new location of the second Pop-Up Shop will be at 80 King St. in Suite 801, right on street level from December 10-13.

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