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Maybe Kinda Sorta Aren’t Going to Waste Another Day

Maybe Kinda Sorta Aren’t Going to Waste Another Day

After Brent Fuller’s last band, The Snips parted ways, Fuller found himself left without an outlet for his musical aspirations. Instead of joining another band after, Fuller started Maybe Kinda Sorta as a solo recording project. Only recently has he found a band to perform with.

“I’ve always loved putting the pieces together and writing songs,” he said. “I also always wanted to sing in a band too (he was the drummer in The Snips), but I was honestly too self-conscious to do it, so that took a long time to come about.”

Pulling influences from 90s grunge / rock bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Sloan & Blind Melon, Fuller released his first EP under Maybe Kinda Sorta in August 2018, and has followed it up with Sit Around (October 2019) and another EP (October 2019). Maybe Kinda Sorta’s songs find their inspiration from Fuller’s life in his thirties, “where things don’t always follow your plan.”

“Sit Around” from the another EP showcases Maybe Kinda Sorta’s sonic style. The song starts with a drum beat and chorus filled guitar, until developing into fuzzy guitars and distorted leads which are sandwiched under Fuller’s vocals as he sings “I guess I’m going to sit around and wait / Guess I’m going to waste another day”. The song is powerful and lazy all at the same time, something that seems intentional.

“The songs on another EP are a continuation of the first Ep and are just songs I have been writing over the last five or six years. My friend Mark Fosco recorded and mixed everything to date and basically we just recorded everything in the rehearsal space over the last year or two,” he said.

“Maybe Kinda Sorta would have just continued as a recording project indefinitely but my good friend and MKS guitar player Matt Barber proposed getting a band together.”

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Rounded out by Joey Parenteau on bass and Braeden McMillan on drums, Maybe Kinda Sorta have plans to release some new music in 2020 and to just get out there and gig.

Maybe Kinda Sort performs with The Perfect Host, Among Legends and Fallen Heights at the Moose in Goose on March 7. The event page is right here.

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