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Minuscule Makes It Big

Minuscule Makes It Big

Miniscule’s performance at last year’s In the Soil Festival was unforgettable. Within the close confines of the yurt, a captive audience took in the haunting sweetness of Laurel Minnes’ latest project, Minuscule. Since then, Minnes and her team of 13 women have been hard at work recording their debut album.

The group includes both family members and well-known Niagara musicians. Writing and recording parts for 13 different women may seem a daunting task, but for Minnes it has been a labour of love: “it was difficult but totally worth it because i was able to spend time with them as individuals and appreciate their uniqueness. They’re all so dedicated, I’m so grateful for their time and efforts, they’re all such individual unique people, and I couldn’t do it without them.”

Minnes started by recording demos of the songs and adding parts and layers, soon becoming comfortable with the process. She set up a studio in her home and began recording the 7 track album herself: “it’s just me and my cats scratching at the door, ruining the takes, so it’s very casual.”

The ensemble will be performing music from the forthcoming album at In the Soil this year as well as new material which will be featured on their second album. “It’s going to be an album of lessons,” says Minnes, “things that I wish I had been taught.” The second album will focus on filling in the gaps for subjects such as consent, dealing with embarrassment, self-care, and empowerment toward making difficult decisions.

Minuscle: Filmed live in the Carriage House at Vineland Estates Winery

Favourite ITS moments: seeing Thunderclap! “as a performer he’s so genuine” (we have a video!) and Lemon Bucket Orkestra closing out ITS 2018.

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Minnes’ picks for this year at ITS: Joe Lapinski’s ‘A Sum of its Parts’ (7:00pm Saturday @ Oddfellows Temple), Rhizomes (ongoing @ Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts), The Rob and Edwin Rox Showe (7:30pm Friday @ Oddfellows Temple).

This year, Minuscule will grace the Festival Hub Stage on Friday, June 7 at 7:30pm.

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