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Motorleague – Holding Patterns

Motorleague – Holding Patterns

Karl Beilschmidt

The Motorleague are a four piece band from Moncton, New Brunswick. Their latest release Holding Patterns offers ten tracks that range in sound from stoner rock to pop punk to modern rock. Being said this album has a bit of everything for everyone. Holding Patterns was produced by Eric Ratz who has worked with many Canadian artists such as Monster Truck and Billy Talent, The production similarities are quite obvious while listening to Holding Patterns compared to the bands mentioned above. While feeling familiar in sound, the diversity of each track makes it a very easy album to get into.

The album starts off with an amazing track called “The Boards”, it’s pure rock and roll with loads of rhythm and catchy hooks. Personally this is my favourite song on the album, the guitars deliver tasty pentatonic riffs over a driving beat that will get you moving. The next song “ A Little Too Obvious “ has more of a pop punk feel which came as a surprise after listening to the first track, to be honest, it was slightly disappointing to hear after a song that was so driving and catchy. But like I said earlier this album is very diverse and has many different styles of rock. The body of the album is a great mix of upbeat rock and roll with the odd slower ballad thrown in for good measure. The closing song “All the Words” picks up the tempo again and finishes the album strong. The Motorleague is a band that has put a lot of energy into their music and if their live show is a reflection of the effort put into this album they would be amazing live and I would not pass up the opportunity to see them. Check them out at

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