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Mural Making Magic

Mural Making Magic

This past December you may have noticed the plethora of beautiful blue, white and purple window paintings throughout downtown St. Catharines. These paintings were made possible through a collaboration between the St. Catharines Downtown Association and Brainkite Artistic Solutions

“A few years ago Brainkite was commissioned by the Downtown Association to build an all immersive Christmas Maze (that was located next to Rise Above on St. Paul St.) for the general public. I understand that they’ve been planning on getting all the downtown businesses to participate on a window painting winter décor plan for a while now, and thankfully this year worked out,” said Adam Buller, founder of Brainkite. “We just had to get everyone to agree upon a look and theme.”

The look that they ended upon was a whimsical combination of Animal Human hybrid creatures with geometrical secondary imagery combined with the aforementioned blues, whites and purples to give the paintings a ‘frosty winter look’.

Over 40 paintings were done in downtown St. Catharines, and an additional 40-50 more were painted throughout Southern Ontario. Buller was proud to say, “that after 19 years of window painting, we’ve outdone ourselves. The public can view that painting at Modo Yoga at 216 Glenridge Ave.

This past year, along with other mural and window paintings, Brainkite took part in the Niagara Falls History Museum’s Niagara Night of Art, where they created WSFDWS? NO! It’s more like EJRTGDG!. This piece was an immersive project that took over the main installation space in the Museum.

“That exhibit included a giant mobile that slowly and ominously rotated around from the air currents created by large fans and made quite an impression on everyone who interacted with it,” said Buller.

Buller also explained that in 2018, Brainkite started branching out into Ottawa “doing a very specific kind of faux finishing for a company that manufactures concrete buildings for different municipalities around Canada.”

While these types of jobs, along with mural and window painting make up the major part of Brainkite’s focus, Buller stated that these projects are rarely their specialty.

“As it’s said in our name Brainkite (Artistic Solutions) we really do like solving artistic problems for others. That being said, we always enjoy the challenge and it’s also nice to get paid, a real god damned pleasure ya know (wink)?”

You can check out Brainkite (Artistic Solutions) at

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