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What You Need to Know about Know

What You Need to Know about Know

Beginning as a three piece called The Company, a serendipitous meeting changed the band’s style, sound, and name. “We were playing a charity show at Mahtay Café,” explains vocalist and ukulele/guitar player, Kiki Klassen, “and Nick was in the audience because he was playing in a jazz group after us. He came up and said he loved the music so much, he said let me write lead guitar for it.” The band was hesitant at first, but eventually invited him to a practice and found an instant connection.

“That’s when KNOW became KNOW,” says drummer Chase Donoghue, “and we were already recording the EP at that point so we were like ‘just track on it’.” The four track self-titled EP was recorded by Damian Birdsey at Birdcage Studios and released in April 2017. The EP features Nick Cooper on lead guitar and Jeff Hurst on bass guitar. Since then, Hurst has moved to Toronto and Cooper to France.

According to Donoghue, Cooper’s influence changed the band’s sound dramatically: “he came in, flipped it all around… he pushed us along in a direction we didn’t know we wanted to go and then he stepped out.” In Cooper’s place, the band has added friend, Noah Rastegar, and currently, Birdsey is filling in for Hurst on bass.
KNOW by Know

On October 13, KNOW will be taking the stage at the Warehouse with Mason Vail and Vancouver band, Peach Pit. After the show, the band is heading west as part of the Via Rail Artist Onboard program. Upon reaching Vancouver, Klassen says the band plans to record their second EP: “we are going to record at a studio that I’ve been dreaming of recording at for a long time, Monarch Studios, get it all done, and come home.”

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Klassen and Donoghue agree that the new EP will have a different vibe. “The first EP being old songs, we were just finding our footing,” explains Donoghue, “now with this new EP we have more of a focused direction in terms of sound and vibe and the feeling we want to portray.”

Without giving too much away, Klassen describes the theme of the forthcoming EP as “trying to be somewhere else, somewhere you’re working towards.” Donoghue interprets it differently: “it’s like your mind is further down the road and you’re waiting for reality to catch up.” It sounds to me like they already know where they want to be.

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