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Nothing Nu About Finger Eleven

Nothing Nu About Finger Eleven

When singer Scott Anderson and guitarist James Black went up to the cottage fifteen years ago to write some songs, they never thought that their lives would change in that very moment.

The two wrote the songs Stay In Shadow and One Thing from their Self Titled album, and figured Stay In Shadow would become a big hit. Were they ever wrong

“Things rarely go the way you planned them and because of One Thing we got to tour the world. Everything really opened up because of that song,” recalled Anderson.

Prior to the release of One Thing and their Self Titled album, Finger Eleven had been pegged as a nu-metal band.

“We didn’t really fit in that scene. There are obviously influences of the time on those records and we were on the ride for that, but we were just trying to make interesting records that weren’t all one sound,” said Anderson.

Fast forward to 2019, and Finger Eleven are one of hard-rock’s premiere acts in not only Canada, but the world, something that Anderson attests to being in a band for all the right reasons.

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“Nobody bought gold yachts when that happened. We just realized that we could move out of our parent’s basements. Everyone wanted to stay together and keep doing what we were doing. That hasn’t changed. We work well together, we argue well together. On the road we’re all just excited to get together, play board games, fuck around and play music every night. I feel very lucky,” said Anderson.

This year Finger Eleven plans to release an Acoustic Greatest Hits, and have been working in the studio on material for a new album that will hopefully be released late in the year.

“We have a couple of things to work on,” said Anderson. “After this tour, we’re going to dig our heels in and really set some dates and deadlines.”

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