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On the Road from the East Coast: Jont & the Infinite Possibility

On the Road from the East Coast: Jont & the Infinite Possibility

By: Arih Struger-Kalkman

I was introduced to Jont & the Infinite Possibility when Aaron Berger asked me to help put a show together for them in St. Catharines. I thought who is this Jont guy? I’m supposed to be the guy with the weird name. I thought he sounds like a hippie – and in a way I was (sort of) right.

Jont’s new album, which is “still evolving”, was born out of a 10 day meditation retreat in Massachusetts. According to Jont, when you come out of the retreat (or Vipassana) “you’re so clear and you’re so open that amazing things happen.” Then he told me a story about a chance meeting and a show in a forest with a shaman and people dressed as mermaids: “within a couple hours I was jamming my songs with a 4 piece band… the universe had brought me my band for my album.”

Begun in 2014, the album has since attracted investors and currently the band is recording the final 3 tracks. Ahead of the album, Jont & the Infinite Possibility released a single and a 3 track EP, titled Someone to Love Me, which is due out on April 22 2016.

The guitarist in the band, Allan Evans, is originally from St. Catharines and shared his nostalgia about the scene in the 90s: “there was a really big scene in Niagara when I was growing up there… it’s great to be able to come back – it’s been over 10 years since I’ve played in St. Catharines.”

Evans left Niagara to move to Las Vegas, Nevada: “I was just bored, so I packed up my black Firebird and drove it to Las Vegas and promptly got it stolen.” Following brief stints in Chicago and Toronto, Evans settled down on the East Coast: “my grandfather was a lobster fisherman out here, he moved the family to St. Catharines, but after he passed away, one-by-one everybody moved back.”

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Settling in to the East Coast life, Evans met Jont while working as a live sound engineer: “I gave him my card after the show. I thought his music was great – his vibe was awesome – his message was positive and uplifting, but still rock and roll. Two weeks later Jont called me up.”

Coming from a background in hardcore metal and hard rock, Evans was unsure how his style would fit in with Jont’s sound, which is the exact opposite. His fears were soon allayed “take yourself out of your comfort zone and you’re going to get better.”

While the core of the band performs as a standard rock 4-piece, Evans notes “we’re called the Infinite Possibility for a reason: we always have guest people, whether it’s trumpet, violin, congas, backup singers, it’s more of an extended family.”

Jont & the Infinite Possibility are performing Sunday, May 8, in the Community Room at Mahtay Café in downtown St. Catharines. There is a suggested $5 cover and doors open at 7PM. Presented by Band on a Couch, the show will include opening acts DRFTR and folk trio Berger, Blake, and Goold.


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