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Palooka returns after 13 years

Palooka returns after 13 years

By Arih Struger-Kalkman

Things have been quiet since Palooka released their 6 track EP, Shrimp Ring, in 2004. “We’re all great friends,” reflects guitarist, Joe Lapinski, “that wasn’t the problem.” After Shrimp Ring, the band members simply began exploring different musical avenues.

Lapinski has released three solo albums in addition to playing with several groups, including Bronx Cheerleader and The Woodshed Orchestra. Drummer, Jay Peters, has been playing with Silver Hearts and Magna Cum Loud. Among other projects, bassist, Eron Stroud plays alongside Lapinski in Bronx Cheerleader.

Now they’re back together working on a new album.

“We were all itching to start playing in Palooka again – all three of us – which was great,” says Lapinksi, “when we started jamming last summer it was like riding a bike: it was stuck in my mind how to play these songs, and they’re not easy songs to play.”

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Lapinski describes Palooka’s sound as kind of like Rush meets Pavement – full of time changes and key changes, but with an indie twist.

Palooka performs at 11:00PM on Saturday, April 29, at Oddfellows

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