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Pindles Keep Stickin’ At It

Pindles Keep Stickin’ At It

By Chris Illich

After just over a year of being together, Pindles are quietly becoming one of the Region’s most popular bands.

They perform about once every other month within the Region, without a release to their name (it’s nearing completion), are semi-active on social media, yet they were awarded Niagara’s Favourite Musicians in the Niagara People’s Choice Awards that were conducted by Jacob Bergsma on Newstalk 610 CKTB.

It goes to show how much word of mouth still means in the digital age we live in.

“I was pretty surprised [about the accolades]. We’ve pretty much given up on social media. I kind of hope we can continue to grow our following without having to do a weekly YouTube blog. I know it’s a growing part of being in a band these days, but I’d rather let the music and live show speak for us,” said drummer Graham Morley.

“Within our schedule of being a band we’ve seen the most traction we’ve ever seen with any of our previous bands. We’ve spent a year together and we seem to have made a dent in our community, so what more do you want? The positive feedback is overwhelming.”

The band started performing before they were fully finished a set list. They explained that they had three songs finished with vocals, and then would just ‘jam out instrumentally’ to fill out the time.
Morley and guitarist and vocalist Matt Meagher started the group as The Guests, enlisting Chris Sipos which proved to be quite the task.

“Another band was trying to get him in their band, so I ran into him at a stag and doe and I recited Red Hot Chili Peppers lyrics to him all night and coaxed him into playing music with us,” explained Morley.

The Guests didn’t last long. They quickly changed names “because it was hard to say,” explained guitarist and vocalist Matt Meagher.

“We wanted to be called Bindles, after the bindle stick (you know, the one with the bandana tied at the end), but we messed up the name. But then I Googled Pindles and no one had taken that name, so it stuck. It was better than having an actual word.”

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Pindles plan to release their four song EP for the In The Soil Arts Festival. The EP was recorded with Matthew Drost in Toronto. “I don’t want to name-drop or anything, but he was a guitar tech for Stone Temple Pilots in the early days,” laughed Morley.

After a short year of existence both Meagher and Morley were adamant in saying that they hope to take Pindles to the next level. They aim to be part of the rejuvenation of the local scene that is happening right now.

“While I hope that the scene gets back to where it was a few years ago, mostly because SCENE Music Festival was so integral to it, I feel like organizations like Band on a Couch, In the Soil and Indoor Shoes are all getting better and better,” said Morley.

“We’ve been growing up as a band and trying to formulate what a band is and through that I’ve grown a great deal of respect for everyone doing great things because at the end of the day we’re living in such a big melting pot of art and music.”

Pindles perform at the Merchant Ale House on Saturday April 30 at 9:30.

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