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Pisser Breaks the Chains on Debut EP

Pisser Breaks the Chains on Debut EP

Following the release of their three song demo in 2015, St. Catharines’ trash-metal act Pisser are set to release their debut EP Breaking Chains on June 4.
The group, lead by vocalist Bonez Poley and rounded out with Christian Chaves, Shane Taylor, Matt Squires and Steve Miller, recorded their three song demo in 2015, but never officially ‘released’ them anywhere except their Bandcamp page. Recorded with Kisho Torin Lever at his home studio, Studio A.D., the group chose to revisit and remix the tracks, and pair them with three newly recorded songs to make them into a cohesive record.

“It’s taken a long fucking time to get to the point of releasing our debut EP, but our current lineup is as solid as it comes and we are gaining momentum fast. Fans of this EP can expect an LP with all new, even better songs within the next year,” explained Poley.

The record is due out from Schizophrenic Record, a label out of Hamilton, owned by Craig Caron of Hammer City Records. Pisser, an anti-capitalist and anti-oppression minded band, found working with Caron, an activist himself, in their best interests.

“Both the label and the store are very underground and DIY. I had planned to shop the record around, but when Schiz said yes, I knew I had to look no further. They funded all the pressing of the vinyl and lent us their shop and resources to silkscreen the records and some shirts for the release,” said Poley.
“They’re a legit part of the community and not just trying to profit off musicians like a lot of labels. Schizophrenic gets it and keeps it real as it gets.”

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Pisser releases Breaking Chains on June 4 with Diner Drugs and Hellbent at The Temple. Email for the address and details.

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