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The Pizza Sharks Croak

The Pizza Sharks Croak

“Pizza Sharks was a divisive name,” says guitarist and vocalist, Sid Baron, “there were many people who were turned off right from the get go.” The band decided to change its name to Fourth Way ahead of releasing their first full length album. Baron came across the name while researching a Dutch conceptual artist, Bas Jan Ader. In 1975, Ader embarked on what would be his final performance, ‘In search of the miraculous’. He attempted to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in a 13 foot boat, but was lost at sea. The performance piece references a book of the same name, which was written about

The Fourth Way, a spiritual approach to self-development and increasing awareness.

The new 8 track album, ‘Croak’, was recorded at Virgil Public Studio by Davis Maxwell. Two singles have been released so far in 2018, Sweet T’ar and Gumball 4200. Sid Baron and fellow guitarist and vocalist, Ingo Svaan, pen the songs initially, and then Beatrix Dune (bass and synth) and Diz James (drums) add their parts.

The material spans several years and the album is non-conceptual. According to Svaan, “a lot of my lyrical content is fictional, with real life experiences woven in there, but I don’t try too hard to get my life across through the lyrics.” Baron takes a different approach: “I write music directly about my personal experiences, but I’m not really interested in having one set meaning or telling people what they should think about what my songs mean. I want them to mean what the listener thinks they mean.”

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While the band prepares for the album release, they are also hitting the stage again. “Since we were recording, we went underground for a bit,” explains Svaan, “the live set has been reworked, the majority of the set is going to be new material that we’ve never played before.”

Fourth Way will be performing March 5 at Warehouse with Weaves. Tickets are $10/advance, doors at 8:00pm.

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