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Playing Favourites With Teenage Head

Playing Favourites With Teenage Head

There isn’t much to say about Teenage Head that you can’t find out on the interwebs on your own. Hamilton punk-rockers since 1975, ten albums, disbanded, got back together, car crashes, riots, a few members changed over… it’s all there on Wikipedia for you to read.
We were able to get founding member Steve Marshall on the phone and asked him what some of his favourite things are.

Teenage Head perform at Warehouse on Jan. 13


Head Disorder (1996). We never worked well with a producer until Mark Berry came along. A lot of producers never really understood the band, they were just getting paid to do the job but at the end of the day their heart wasn’t in it. Mark really got us and that record was done properly and professionally.


Ontario Place. Frantic City (1980) had just came out and here we were playing this sold out show on a revolving stage at Ontario Place. We knew it was sold out, but didn’t know until afterwards that there was a riot going on outside the venue.


We used to have a really good time at a place called Larry’s Hideaway in Toronto. It’s torn down now, but we took that place over and became the house band for a while.


I really like breakfast, so I would have to say cheese omelettes.

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Hamilton. So many of our high school buddies still keep showing up to our shows. The punk scene in the 70s really helped us find our place.


On Golden Pond. Jane Fonda and her father star together in this one. It’s basically about an older couple in their 70s who are at the family cottage. Jane Fonda’s character drops off her son and the film is about the fun that this kid has with his grandfather. They go out on the boat; they catch the big fish and then crash into a rock.

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