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Predictions for the 2016 Oscars

Predictions for the 2016 Oscars

By Spencer Schmor

It’s Oscar season, and that means that everyone has an opinion. So here is mine.

2015-2016 wasn’t a terrible year for movies, but there was equal parts gold, and gold painted turds. Not a lot of middle ground this year. As if films where acting on Newtons Third Law. Just like every action had an equal and opposite reaction, every GOOD film had its horrible counterpart. Basically every good film, was followed up with something involving Adam Sandler.

Now for my predictions. First let me state why I feel qualified to make said predictions. The long and the short of it is, there isn’t any real credentials. I have been a film lover my whole life. That’s it. I watch at least 7 movies a week. According to stat I read once on the internet, it takes 10 000 hours to become an expert in any field. I have no doubt I’ve spent 10 000 hours watching movies, and loving it. With that, here they are:

Best picture: The Revenant, because, well…it was stunning. Best movie I saw all year.

Although,  a small part of me wishes it was Mad Max. Even the Martian was an excellent film, even considered the best comedy of the year in some circles. By the way,  Spy was the best comedy of the year, Golden Globes.

Best Director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu (The Revenant). He won last year for best picture, and best director for Birdman. It would be equal parts rare and mind blowing if he could do that sweep again. It’s unheard of, but after seeing the film, not impossible. I cant stress enough how good this film is.

Best Actor in A Leading Role: This is where everyone gets mad at me. Leo most likely wins best actor and he deserves it. The trouble is, he shouldn’t get it for THIS film. I mean sure, he did well, but if he wins best actor for just making guttural noises for 3 hours, where does it stop?

I found Matt Damon’s performance much more memorable, as well as Kurt Russell in Hateful Eight(was he even the lead?)

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Sure Jennifer Lawrence is the golden girl. But Brie Larson, blew my mind with her performance in Room. She totally deserves this win, I hope to God she doesn’t get passed up due to politics. there seems to be one of those every year, usually Leo.

Supporting Actor: This one, is near and dear to me. I have been a Rocky fan my whole life. I want Stallone to win it. No question. Watching him play Rocky, in a supporting roll was at first an idea that made me angry. After seeing Creed however, it became very aware to m, that I was witnessing a different Sly.

Supporting Actress: Jennifer Jason Leigh, she was the best part Hateful Eight. Not much more to say. I found her performance to be wildly entertaining when the other performances in the category seemed like total Oscar bait.

I figured I would just do the big ones. Although I will say. Amy, up for best documentary was amazing. And Int he realm of animated movies, Im going to go against the grain and say thats I hope Shaun the Sheep wins. Visual effects? Mad Max. What George Miller did with limited CGI and real people was crazy and innovative. I’m not taking anything away from the spectacle that is Star Wars, a visually stunning film, but really nothing new in terms of special effects.

One last rant. Why is the genre of comedy not officially recognized by the Academy? Do they really expect us to believe that comedic acting doesn’t count? Hey Oscar folk, comedians are good enough to host your award show, and the writers are good enough to struggle through trying to make Hugh Jackman or Neil Patrick Harris funny. Let comedy have its day. stop lumping it in with musicals. Who wouldn’t love to see Melissa McCarthy win an Oscar? Dick jokes are art to.

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