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PREMIERE: Arih SK’s “God Damn”

PREMIERE: Arih SK’s “God Damn”

Today we’re proud to present to you the first single from Arih SK (Struger-Kalkman of Pablo Paddy and Stereo Sunrise). “God Damn” was originally written in 2015 when Struger-Kalkman was “in a bit of a funk, wondering who I was and what I should do with my life,” and the song stood out from hundreds of demos he recorded during this time period. “the song changed quite a bit from the original demo,” explained Struger-Kalkman. “But the meaning of the song hasn’t changed, it’s like pulling an old photograph from a shoebox – it transports me right back.”

The song chronicles a snapshot of a bad morning, as Struger-Kalkman said. “There are these little battles we have against ourselves every day: getting up, getting ready, going to work. It’s cold out and the bed is warm. Still, the day beckons. Maybe I hit ‘snooze’ one too many times. Finally, I get out the door and then there’s a foot of snow on the car.”

Arih SK has a forthcoming 12-song debut album that was originally recorded with Jordan Rutledge, and Amanda Lyn Parker helped finish the project. For “God Damn”, Mark Hoerdt performed drums on the track, while Struger-Kalkman sang and played the bass and rhythm guitar. Rutledge handled lead guitar duties and Parker added some synth parts to finish the song off. It was mixed by Parker at Two Flamingos and mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Mastering.

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“I count myself very fortunate to work with such talented people, because when I start into a song, I generally have no idea how it will end up,” said Struger-Kalkman. “I like to dive in and trust my instincts, and maybe more importantly, trust the instincts of the other people involved. Most of the coolest parts of this song (and the album) were ideas that came from other people.”

Photo and Video by Amber Lee Williams
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