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PREMIERE: Road Waves “Hindsight”

PREMIERE: Road Waves “Hindsight”

We’re proud to present to you the latest single from Niagara Falls’ jam band Road Waves, “Hindsight”. The seven minute track was recorded on November 7, 2019 and was produced by Ji Yehia and Russ Donohue at Stonehouse Recording. “Cannibal Cam” Schwarz of Rabidog Films produced the video and it was edited by Joe Torbett.

Yehia explained that the new track is about unity.

“It’s pretty much a direct response to a lot of the division I’m seeing around lately. So many of our beautiful aspects as humans really come out when we’re united. The division feels really empty.”

After a busy 2019, Road Waves are looking to continue being one of the hardest working bands in Niagara. Plans for a cross-country tour and dipping into the United States are on the agenda for the group.

Yehia has plans to drop more singles throughout the upcoming months, and give the songs some stage time so they can evolve before they get recorded for the album.

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“I like the idea of giving it a lot of time. Sometimes when we’re hitting the studio it feels like we’re rushing to make everything work,” he said. “I’m sure it’ll always feel that way no matter what because the songs never really stop evolving but I think it’ll bring us closer to putting out an album that closer reflects what our live experience is like.”

Road Waves are: Vocals & Guitar: Ji Yehia Drums & Vocals: Matt Maxwell Bass: Yo Izumita Piano/Organ/Synth: Don Letourneau

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