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Probable Fog’s Second Album draws from ‘What Once Was

Probable Fog’s Second Album draws from ‘What Once Was

By Arih Struger-Kalkman

2017 marks the release of “What Once Was”, the sophomore effort from St. Catharines-based duo, Probable Fog. It will also be their second time performing at the In The Soil Arts Festival.

“A lot has happened since the first album,” explains Robyn Hartley (vocals, flute, tambourine). “[Many] of the songs are about loss and what used to be,” she says, “we lost a couple family members and with the kids too, there’s a recognition of how quickly time is escaping us.”

Husband, and bandmate, Dave Hartley (vocals, guitar) agrees “the first album was more light, I think this one might be a little more dark – like reality has set in.”

The second album, recorded in a Virgil farmhouse by Joe Lapinski, marks a departure from their earlier recordings, “we tried to do a little more with this one. Our first record was pretty sparse – now some songs have a lot to them, some have a little to them – variety is what we were going for.”

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Probable Fog performs at 12:00 noon on Sunday, April 30, at the In the Soil Festival Hub.

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