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Prophets: Couldn’t Predict This

Prophets: Couldn’t Predict This

By Matthew Murphy

All music is cyclical and there comes a time in everyone’s career where they need to reevaluate their musical path. Prophets have hit a fork in the artistic road and have therefore decided to part ways with the band and the hardcore scene but not each other. Ian Flynn, singer from Prophets took the time to clarify why they are doing a final tour and what lies ahead for the members.

Obviously for those who don’t know, people are interested in why the band has decided to call it a day?

I think we all reached a point where we were slowly outgrowing the hardcore scene. I don’t want that to be taken the wrong way either. We have all equally loved playing hardcore music for the past seven years, and I know we will always have a connection to it. I think we reached a point where we decided as a whole, that we wanted to switch it up a little bit, maybe try something new.

What would be your biggest takeaway from your experience with Prophets? What have you learned? What was the highlight?

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No matter your size as a band, no matter how much you think people care about your band, you’re wrong. They care more. Our fans have given us the constant support to continue as a band. Something that always blew our mind was seeing fans get tattoos that had to do with our band. I would understand if we were The Foo Fighters or The Tragically Hip or something, but for some reason a few people were so influenced by our music, they are now forever marked. It’s mind-boggling. As far as highlights go – we’ve played some huge shows and met too many amazing people to count. Words can not express the appreciation for the individuals who helped us get as far as we have.

Are there any regrets or what you feel may be missed opportunities that may have changed the outcome of the band parting ways?

I would like to think that as a band we have no regrets. When we started Prophets we were 15. We just wanted to play music together, and maybe play some shows. We were a band called “Cancer To Capricorn” for a year before Prophets even started. We were some weird southern metal/rock fusion? I don’t know. It was weird. Anyways, we never wanted anything more than to have a blast playing music together. Like every band wants. We just so happened to be able to travel across North America, because of Prophets, which is more than we ever thought possible. I remember when we were 15 saying, “Ugh how cool it would be to play California.” The last tour Prophets did, we played California. We far exceeded any plans we had for ourselves. We literally achieved our “wildest dreams.” We will all be forever thankful for what Prophets has given us. Without a doubt, the best seven years of our lives. As far as us parting ways goes – that’s not happening. We will continue playing music together. What genre we don’t really know yet. As long as it makes us happy.

Prophets perform at Mikado’s Bar & Lounge on Friday Nov. 11 w/Black Heart & Kennedy. [S]

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