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Quicksand (Book)

Quicksand (Book)

By John Storm


The reader knows right away. Right from the beginning we read about the powerful and often quirky style that has earned Toltz so much attention. The Australian writer, a finalist in the Man Booker prize for his first book called A Fraction of the Whole, has produced a hearty offering that will be hard to put down for anyone.
“Down at the foamy shoreline, where small tight waves explode against black rocks, a lifeguard with feet wedged int he wet and vaguely tangerine sand stands shirtless like a magnificent sea-Jesus. An ill-timed journey into a breaker knocks a boy on his little back. A bald man throws a tennis ball for his Labrador and a second, unrelated dog bounds in after it. through a gauze of m ist a brunette — tall, and from where we’re sitting seemingly riddle with breasts breasts — kicks water on the sulnit torso of her blond companion.”
Welcome to the world of Toltz’s main character Aldo. This style of writing is throughout the novel that takes Aldo into awkward environments in courts, social settings and love.
The book has clear adult theme, yet the innovative approach to life’s common rituals keeps us entertained. It’s the sort of book that will give us a new focus on our own lives. [Bond Street Books]

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