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Rabidog Films Take A Bite Out Of Necropolis: Legion

Rabidog Films Take A Bite Out Of Necropolis: Legion

On November 18, Full Moon Features (most notable for the Puppet Master, Gingerdead Man and Evil Bong series’) are releasing a film titled Necropolis: Legion that contracted out the Hamilton production company Rabidog Films.

Rabidog Films was founded in early 2003 by Phil Pattison, Jeff Beckman and David Montour. Their first project was the punk-rock zombie film Vs. The Dead that was released in 2009. Eventually Beckham and Montour moved on and Pattison started Nictophobia Films, which produced a Night of the Living Dead live stage show, and filmed music videos for bands like Monster Truck and Fuck the Facts. In 2015, when Nictophobia fizzled out, Pattison and Niagara Falls’ “Cannibal” Cam Schwarz resurrected Rabidog Films.

The production company recently released a short film called Human Cattle which won awards at the 2017 Hamilton Film Festival (Most Electrifying Movie), the 2017 Shock Stock Film Festival (Best Special FX & Best Short Film) and at the 2018 Horror-rama Film Festival (Best Special FX). The strength of the short film, made with The Butcher Shop FX, was what helped get Rabid Dog Films the gig with Full Moon.

Necropolis: Legion is part of Full Moon’s latest initiative, the ‘Deadly Ten’, which is a series of ten films that were live-streaming the ‘making of’ process through their Deadly Ten website. The film was directed by former Fangoria editor Chris Alexander, and the special effects were done by The Butcher Shop FX.

“We got pretty lucky in that we’ve been friends with Chris Alexander since 2009. He was a columnist at Rue Morgue magazine and we just had a tight friendship with him because he was a big fan of cool horror scores, Goblin and all that Italian horror stuff. So that kind of just kicked off a friendship, and then when the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear started happening at the Toronto Fan Expo and everyone started meeting each other a little bit more and hanging out a little bit more,” explained “Cannibal” Cam Schwarz.

“He started working with the iconic Charles Band at Full Moon Entertainment and we joked that they should hire us on for a film and then all of a sudden he called us up and said that they were interested in working with us.”

Filmed this past June in Milton, Ontario, Necropolis: Legion is a gothic and bloody film that is a surreal ‘eurotrash’ re-imagining of the 1986 Charles Band produced Empire Pictures exploitation film Necropolis. The story centers on a demonic vampire witch named Eva (Ali Chappell) who just so happens to drink blood through her breasts, while possessing a motorcycle-riding young writer named Lisa (Augie Duke) who is doing research on her novel. Eva then begins taking over Lisa and begins resurrecting an ancient monster from the underworld.

The film was shot over six days, with a shoestring budget. As the production company, Schwarz and Pattison had to call in some favours from friends, who as Pattison explained, “were all pretty green to be able to be working on a major project.”

“They hired us on as the production company, so we made sure to bring on all our friends. Basically, we needed people to help and our friends showed up and everyone did a little bit of everything throughout the shoot,” said Pattison. “We all clicked and worked well together and we pulled the impossible off and made a good looking film without any money.”

“It was basically a bunch of fans who have a passion for the genre and were happy to be part of this amazing project. Everyone just stepped up to the plate and we pulled off something that I didn’t think we’d be able to pull off,” added Schwarz.

While Rabidog Films continue to work on other projects, their most notable upcoming project is the Growl: A Death Metal Documentary, that promises to be the most comprehensive guide to the Death Metal scene. You can keep up to date with Growl at

Necropolis: Legion will be released on November 18 through Full Moon Feature’s Amazon Prime channel.

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