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The Resurrection of Majora’s Zombie Song

The Resurrection of Majora’s Zombie Song

By Arih Struger Kalkman

Majora released their self-titled album in April 2015 and followed that up with a string of shows and appearances at several festivals. After spending several months on hiatus in the fall of 2016, the alternative rock band is back with a brand new version of an old tune, often referred to as “the zombie song.”

“The zombie song was the first song we ever wrote together,” explains guitarist Joshua James Schriefer. The song contains several allusions to the hit TV series, The Walking Dead, and has already appears on the band’s first release; however, the new version has some legs of its own.

“It’s quite a different sound from our other recordings,” says bassist Stuart Haws. “It’s a good contrast, I think. It’s not altered: it’s Majora at its core, but it’s popped out a little.”

The new recording was produced by Jordan Rutledge of Orange Couch Records in the dusk days of 2016 and is scheduled for release on February 15.

“[It’s] got a different perspective from the first recording,” says drummer Neil Smith. “Jordan had some interesting ideas for the drums. He did a great job with them. It was like what I had heard in my head, so it was cool to hear it like that.”

Following the release of the shiny new version of Zombie, the band plans to get right back to work, recording four songs with Niagara-based producer Joe Lapinski.

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“The whole idea is to try something different again,” says Schriefer. The group has rented an old century home in Niagara-on-the-Lake and plans to set up shop there for three days to complete the recordings.

After that, Majora will be recording another four songs with Jordan Rutledge near the end of March. The rate of production seems to be ramping up to something, but, as Schriefer explains, “We’re almost playing catch-up. We’re working on new songs now; the ones we’re recording are a year old.”

“It’s hard because you don’t want to get to the point where it’s old hat to us, and we’re so beyond that,” adds lead vocalist Laurel Minnes. “On the new stuff, you’ve got to say: OK quick, let’s take a snapshot of what this is while it’s still fresh and while we still give a shit about it. And then you can have the opportunity to give it to people, and they give a shit about it, or they don’t, and then at least you know, OK, I did the thing, I did it and it’s out there.”

With upwards of nine songs to be released in 2017, Majora has their work cut out for them. “We really took our time with the last one and it probably suffered because of that,” says Minnes. The plan this time is to have everything ready for a release sometime this summer. “With these new recordings,” adds Schriefer, “we want to make an effort to put them out into the world, which we really didn’t do with the first recording – we’re making a Majora-push and hoping to find some reaction out there in the abyss.”

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