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Revive the Rose Are Ready to Rock

Revive the Rose Are Ready to Rock

“People just love to party,” said Andrew Colonico, when asked about why Rock ‘n’ Roll has had such a resurgence in the late 2010’s.

“There’s an honesty and simplicity to the music. There’s a reason why it’s carried on this long.”

Maybe some thought the wave of alternative rock was signaling it’s demise with the rise of streaming and our ever expanding pop lexicon. But Colonico and his Welland punk-meets-alterna-rock revival act Revive the Rose have been hitting the pavement for the past six years, trying to prove that rock ‘n’ roll will never die.

Their reputation within the region and province has been steady rising for the past few years. They performed on the back of the GiantFM 91.7 float at 2018’s Grape and Wine Parade and in the last year they have shared the stage with Monster Truck, Anvil, The Glorious Sons and Honeymoon Suite.

Their single from their Self Titled debut album that will be released in May, “Bar Down”, became the official anthem for the Niagara Ice Dogs. The refrain for the song sings “We’re never going to stop until we make it to the top,” and that line resonates within the band itself. “We’re all just good people trying to live our dreams,” expalained Colonico.

The track’s existence came from an unlikely encounter with the Ice Dogs on Boxing Day at the Pen Centre.

“I just told them I want to make them a song and their manager loved the idea. Before you knew it, we were pumping up the boys and we got some great expqosure from it,” Colonico said. “I’m glad to work with communities like that, with good hardworking people because that’s where we’re at right now too.”

Another single “Moxie”, from the yet to be released record, was featured as a #1 pick for Alan Cross’ “Bands You Must Hear This Week” on 102.1 The Edge and “Nine to Five” played on regular rotation on HTZ FM. Every song was released with an accompanying music video on their Facebook /YouTube pages along with “Rebound”, “Bad Blood” and “On Your Own”.

The six songs mentioned are joined with four remixes from their Generation Breakdown EP (2017) and two remade songs from their first EP release Potato (2015) to bookend a chapter in the bands tenure. The May release of the record displays the road travelled for Revive the Rose, while looking towards the not to distant future ahead.

“We just wanted to release a record that was a statement of who Revive the Rose is. This is who we’ve been. This is what we’ve built up to now,” said Colonico.

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“There’s no concept, no gimmick. We just wanted to capture our early years and our humble beginnings on this record. It’s just Revive the Rose. Get to know us, because there’s more coming.”

The band, rounded out by guitarists Peter Antoniou and Matt Cookson, drummer Andrew Gagnon and Big Rig on bass are out there to capture the spirit of Niagara, to enthuse young artists and musicians, all while providing the party.

“It all starts with a good live show,” said Colonico. “People want attitude and honesty. We want to get kids starting bands because they saw a great live show and create a chain reaction. I think, most importantly, I want to tell these people to live your dreams, man.”

“Rock ‘n’ roll is crazy. People are loving it and are loving watching young people playing it. I don’t really understand it, but its just happening and we want to be there for the movement.”

Revive the Rose release their debut album on May 25, perform with Sebastian Bach at the Welland Arena on June 1, and headline a free show at the Concerts on the Canal series in Welland on July 5 with Big School.

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