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Revive The Rose Talk “Gold Digger”

Revive The Rose Talk “Gold Digger”

By The Sound STC

Tonight (Jan.21), Revive the Rose opens up for Danko Jones at L3 Nightclub. The group just recently released their video for “Gold Digger” and drummer Andrew Colonico was happy enough to tell us about the song and video.

“Gold Digger was a tune written for one of my best friends, after his ex girlfriend drained his wallet and showed much ignorance if purchases weren’t bought for her. So I guess you can say I’m a solid friend.

The video was shot one very drunk night at my friend’s college house. We just think it was a tune to party to and it was always thrown on at drunken events on iPods, so we thought why not film a house party video?

It was a great experience. There was a lot of bonding and a lot of good times with great people. It meant the world to see dedicated fans show up just to have a blast.

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The response has been unreal, more than expected. I woke up to 38 shares in the span of 2 days on Facebook and every where I go there’s always someone that has to comment on how good it turned out… I’m definitely very proud of the way things came out. I’m just happy that people are happy and that they truly enjoy the music.”

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