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Road Waves Rising

Road Waves Rising

The last time The Sound talked with Road Waves, they had just prepared the release of their The One/Ghastly Spirits single before they headlined the Livestock Niagara Music and Arts Festival last July. Since then, they’ve trekked across Canada for the first time, released their first music video for the track “So Long” and recorded their upcoming album, Red Sun Rising, which is available at

We had a chance to catch up with guitarist and vocalist Ji Sharp Yehia to talk about their tour, the video, the album and their future.

“It really gave us the proper experience to learn what it’s like on the road and to be working musicians. It actually helped us realize how much we had to treat this band like a legit business. We were already in the business mindset before but this trip solidified and reaffirmed our direction as a group.

The whole crew had never been out west before, so we got to collectively drive into the mountains for the first time ever, it was a surreal moment. Something that wasn’t so fun was our logistical oversights; It being our first tour we didn’t know what to expect. For example, at the beginning of the tour we found ourselves with too much gear, and not enough space – but we were able to offload a couple speakers at a friend’s house along the way. All in all though, we were pretty lucky as far as things go. It was mostly good moments.”

“The video takes place at the Niagara Gorge and sort of depicts the band looking for each other and reacquainting then it cuts to us playing at Warehouse Concert Hall in St Catharines. Bringing all the video equipment down to the bottom of the gorge on a winter-y March morning was quite the exciting endeavor but once we got down there it was smooth sailing. Same goes for the Warehouse day; it was a more controlled setting and we were surrounded by friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better ‘First Music Video’ experience. DH Media is the team that helped us make this happen. Great people, and awesome at what they do. We actually met Teela, one of the crew members, at our Niagara Falls’ Night of Art show at the Niagara Falls Museum. She was working her photo booth and after taking some silly band photos she asked if we’d like to do a music video, because her crew had always wanted to do that. The rest is history.”

“We recorded the album at WOW! Recording Studio with Joe Lapinski – we were actually the first band to break in his new studio in his backyard named ‘The Shed’. That space is fantastic, he really built it great. I actually had plans to make this a concept album where each song was a chronological chapter in a story, but time crept up on me and I didn’t want to ‘half-ass’ the job, so I decided against it. That being said, I’m still really happy with the way it turned out. I re-worked a lot of the tunes so that it felt like a strong, viable LP instead of a half written story, so our live audience will have some unexpected moments in songs they may already know and love. A tune I wrote in 2011, “Smile”, made the cut which was unexpected. I remember playing the tune close to our time in the studio and it being received really well, so I decided to put it in stone.
Joe was really easy to work with and is a legend of St. Catharines for sure.”

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“We are hoping to be back in the studio for our 3rd album after we hop off our tour this Fall. We havent decided where we will record or anything like that. We are also in the process of getting our work Visas so that we can begin touring in the states and other countries.
No plans on slowing down; The motto I always tell myself is “full steam ahead”

Road Waves release Red Sun Rising at the Warehouse on May 11 with support from Palooka and Ol’ Child.

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