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RPA Hey Hey Hey: #6 Pho Dau Bo

RPA Hey Hey Hey: #6 Pho Dau Bo

For two years Yeti Yells tried to belong and truly believe in Planet Earth. However, after many failed attempts of learning human ways, Yeti decided The Moon may be more suited for Yeti. Twist and turn of events – Upon arrival and with unfinished business on Earth, Yeti befriended R.P.A. (The Robot Puppet Angel) R.P.A expressed interest, also wanting to ease the Yeti’s mind, R.P.A, set out to help the Yeti solve all of life’s mysteries. Coincidentally, R.P.A also being a mystery, unsure how many R.P.A’s are in existence right now. BUT we do know one thing – this Robot Puppet Angel is scouring Niagara for the most interesting and best kept art and culture, reporting back monthly to Yeti. Explore with R.P.A….life is full of mysteries.

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