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Searching for their Higher Power

Searching for their Higher Power

Never did Luke Bentham, guitarist and singer of The Dirty Nil think that he was going to walk across the stage at the Junos. (2017, Breakthrough Group of the Year).
“There was never any concrete version of the future when we started to this. It was just the first thing where we felt like Kyle and I weren’t just fucking around blowing out our ears with firecrackers,” said Bentham.
The Nil started in the summer of 2006, released a handful of singles and EPs until they released their debut album Higher Power in 2016.

So what was it like recording Higher Power?

“If I’m being honest, it was a fucking mess making that album. It was fun, but more lessons were learned than applied on that record. That record was more of a learning experience than anything else that we’ve ever done as a band.”

But from that album came more opportunities, you won your Juno, what did that feel like?

“The glass statue helps to validate our efforts for sure. Our parents have always been supportive. They leant us their Dodge Caravan to tour America and they’ve always been fantastic contributors and backers of the band since day 1. Shout out to my parents, you guys rule.”

And Higher Power brought you around the world too, what has the touring experience been like for you guys?

“German stadiums with Billy Talent was amazing […] Black Flag have been heroes of ours […] Warped Tour was great, anyone who made it through is lucky, but that thing can burn in hell. I wear that survival medal on my chest. If I hear anyone say ‘its like punk rock summer camp’ again I swear to god I will punch you in the mouth.”

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Living in Hamilton, what’s your opinion on what’s going on down here in St. Catharines?

“A lot of great friends and great music have come from the Niagara Region. We have a high opinion of the city’s musical output. Not to toot his horn too much but what Erik Dickson has done with Indoor Shoes and the Warehouse give me a high opinion of St. Catharines. I applaud his initiative in opening the venue because I always hated all the venues in St. Catharines. Here in Hamilton we’re lacking a bigger rock club, so what he has done is fantastic and I applaud him for that.”

The Dirty Nil perform at the Warehouse w/Northern Primitive & Big School on April 13.

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