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Send Help! Resilient & Infinite Possibilities

Send Help! Resilient & Infinite Possibilities

If it’s Monday morning, you’re guaranteed to find us nestled in a corner at a local coffee shop. Undoubtedly several caffeinated beverages deep, as we untangle the mysteries of life one page at a time.

What started as an excuse to get together and vent became a journey to answer life’s bigger questions. Am I happy? How do I handle negativity? Am I living my best life? And although chatting with a friend can sort out the bumps along the way, we felt like we needed more insights, daily practices, and guidance to better understand ourselves, those around us, and the world.

With our shared admiration for books ,usually found in the self help section we started our own book club

To begin the New Year, we decided to focus on separate books.

Cat’s pick: Resilient by Rick Hanson

It takes a special book to capture my attention. Reading for pleasure is not something that comes naturally to me. There’s an itty bitty list of books that make the cut, and Resilient is one of them. I was hooked from page one.

This book is full of useful insights that help guide you through difficult situations or emotions and bring you out on the other side stronger and better equipped to rise up from other challenges.

One chapter focuses on compassion. The importance of compassion for yourself as well as those around you. Hanson explains how practicing compassion is fundamental for lasting contentment. When we have compassion towards others, this gives us a chance to let go of judgement towards someone and instead realize we’re all doing the best we can. I found this chapter especially useful.

Each chapter contains a simple exercise. This gives the reader a chance to practice, thus being more likely to implement what they’ve just learned.

This book is very easy to follow. A book you can put down and pick back up when you need some guidance. Resilient was an absolute pleasure to read. I highly recommend it.

Rachel’s pick: Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley

Two years ago on a recommendation I subscribed to Notes from The Universe. A brief daily email designed to highlight life’s magic and power. Notes from the Universe quickly became my favorite email, like a daily fortune cookie appearing by my bed every morning

Fast forward to December 2018 where I find myself in the self help section looking for a new book. Unbound to an author or style I came across Infinite Possibilities. The underlining title “The Art of Living Your Dreams” captured my attention; and on a whim I bought it. It wasn’t until a few days later I realized, Mike Dooley, author of Infinite Possibilities, is also the author of my beloved Notes from the Universe

Within the first few pages I realized this book wasn’t going to be a quick read. Although Dooley creates an easy going lecture with powerful thoughts and content. I found myself rereading sentences a few times to completely understand Dooley’s fundamental theories of life. Such as, “when you act in new ways you can decide to behave as if you already are living your dreams and the unexpected will swing into your life.” If you dream of a new job, Dooley suggests you set your alarm for the time your dream job starts, layout clothes you’d wear to this job and in your free time drive the route you’d take to get to your dream job. Dooley suggests that when following our dreams with purity, the Universe will provide the “how’s”.

If you’re familiar with the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne then you know all about the law of attraction. Infinite Possibilities is broken down into 10 chapters. Each chapter capitalizing on our beliefs, thoughts and how they permit our dreams. Dooley believes our emotion is pure power and when combined with visualizing it makes things happen a whole lot faster

This book is a definite favourite. Great for anyone looking for a new perspective or wondering how to live their “champagne caviar lifestyle”. The deeper I got into Infinite Possibilities, the more proof appeared in my life.

Infinite Possibilities provides the eye opening truth of living, learning our powers and changing our lives

“By letting go of the how’s, not only do you free up the Universe to go figure out things for you…but you also free yourself from all the fears, worries, and stress that go along the way trying to manipulate time and space”

Here are a few visualization tips to help manifest your dreams:
• Visualize positive/happy vibes
• Think thoughts of victory
• Imagine friends and coworkers congratulating you
• Make a vision board
• Looking for a date? Buy an extra concert ticket

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