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Sinner Hold Their Ground on Latest Release

Sinner Hold Their Ground on Latest Release

On October 5, ‘Blackened Hardcore’ band Sinner out of St. Catharines will be releasing their ambitious debut LP Sanity in the Mouth of Hell. This release follows their 2016 two-song demo Scorched Earth and their 2017 EP In Filth. We caught up with their vocalist Phil Edward Paxton to talk about the record. You can find their record on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Bandcamp.

No Atonement Featuring Vic Creatuure by Sinner

With the record finished and set to be released, how does it feel to look back at it?

Amazing! We’re all very proud of what we managed to accomplish. It’s the first time in any project I’ve ever been involved with that’s managed to create a full-length record. I’ve always just been stuck making EP’s with no real LP in mind. While EP’s are quicker to produce, personally, they aren’t long enough for me to be happy with at the end of the day. Someone once told me “you’re never going to make it on anyone’s ‘Record of the Year’ list just putting EP’s out.” Making this record has been a much longer process in almost every sense but it’s been well worth it. I’m very proud with what we’ve created.

What can you tell me about the recording process?

The record is 10 tracks long with a running length of just over 30 minutes. A bulk of the record was recorded within a 10 day span. Nick Ginn has a studio out in Dundas that’s a old 1800’s Schoolhouse that he’s turned into this really cool studio. We slept there for most of the nights, while indulging ourselves in plenty of videos games. We had one of those old-school Super Nintendo’s loaded with like 100 odd games. So even when one of us was recording the rest of us would be gaming or watching one of the cheap movies we found at Walmart. Recording with Nick was a breeze. Nick plays drums in my other band, Hellbent, so everyone is very familiar and comfortable with each other. We’re all friends so we’re not afraid to tell each other what sounds good or bad.

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And what does Sanity in the Mouth of Hell mean to you?

Sanity in the Mouth of Hell means holding your ground during the worst of times. I turn to this band as a mental and physical outlet. I’m very grateful to have songs that I can quite literally scream in anger. Most people don’t have that kind of meditation.

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