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My Son The Hurricane Headline In The Soil Arts Festival

My Son The Hurricane Headline In The Soil Arts Festival

By: Arih Struger-Kalkman

This will be the first time that the 14 piece ‘brass-hop’ band, My Son The Hurricane will perform at the festival and drummer/bandleader, Danno O’Shea is excited: “we’ve been trying to do In the Soil for a long time, we’ve been trying to make it happen, but tour plans always seem to foil us.”

Luckily, their first cross-Canada tour is planned for after the festival. The band will be touring from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia in support of their new album “Is This What You Want!?” A video was released in October, 2016, for the first single, ‘Smile’.

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It might seem difficult to organize a tour for a band with over a dozen members, but O’Shea is unfazed: “I’m too stubborn to be told ‘no’. I’m an organizer. We have a method for doing everything. We are hard workers and we’re focused on the goal. We let people in the band do what they’re good at.”

Be a part of the party with My Son The Hurricane at 9:00PM on Saturday, April 29, at the Festival Hub.

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