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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: August 2018

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: August 2018

Aries (March 21 – April 19): You could clear a pile of obstructions from your path if you learned the art of surrender and let go of your addiction to suffering. The fire inside of you is building – use it to demolish everything in your way. Blaze a trail into new territory, this is one of your specialties. All of this fire will create tension, people are generally uncomfortable with change. Don’t allow this to douse the flame. The soil will become rich and ready for planting seeds. A new way of relating is on the horizon and your ability to trust will be renewed.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Don’t be so pushy, cultivate patience instead. A little bit of agility will go a long way as well. I believe you may be stuck in a mind trap. It is possible you are filtering any information coming to you so that it supports your ideas and may not even be conscious you are doing it. So get conscious. Be open to waking up to what is true, this willingness has the potential to turn your world on its head in the best possible way. Your mind is playing tricks on you which is why it is wise to listen to your heart instead. Feelings aren’t facts but they are certainly more accurate than the stories in your head.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21): Things are not going as planned and you have no choice but to ride the wave. If you try to swim against the current right now you will just tire yourself out. Be smart about how you are using your energy. The lighter you are the more buoyant you will be so drop all of that heavy baggage you have been carrying around. It will be easy to let go of old outdated trauma, you don’t need to think about it anymore. Once you drop all of the debris you will quickly rise to the surface and have a completely different perspective.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): It is time for a course correction. Moving sideways is getting you absolutely nowhere, forward is the only choice you have. It should be very clear about where to go, you have been fine-tuning your intuition over the past year and are ready. You may get a sense that you are taking a quantum leap and that is because you are. Once you get to where you are going everything in your life will begin to restructure around you. Trust. Just keep repeating that word. When you begin to trust yourself others will as well and you will get the respect that you have been yearning for. Once you do that everyone just becomes a mirror to your greatness.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Slow is sometimes better, especially when you don’t yet have your balance. Know this every time you get frustrated. Remember that this is a period of finding your footing. When you begin to walk on new terrain there is always a period of adjustment. Just take careful steps and keep your eyes open. When you move too fast you are like an arrow and miss out on the beauty in the ordinary. Now you have the opportunity to discover how valuable this actually is. It will feed you and you are hungry for it whether you realize it or not. There is freedom in slowing down and choosing your own pace. This choice is yours, take hold of it right now it will give you exactly what you need.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): I agree with you, there is alot for you to get done, but not quite yet. You don’t have the energy or resources to sustain you. Everything is at a temporary standstill for everyone anyway so just use this time wisely. Recharge, replenish and reevaluate. If you do this you will be ready when the world is ready for you. Surrender is the most beneficial action you can take. Recognize that you are a perfectionist and then utilize this period to make things perfect. Your perfectionism can cause frustration or can be used as a tool for innovation. Creativity is easy for you to access but it can be wasted on things that don’t serve you. If you are careful about the direction of your creative energy it will flow right back to you, providing you with everything you need.

Libra (September 23 – October 23): You are about to fall in love with yourself. Romance of the truest kind. Restructure your daily rhythm so that it provides you with ample opportunities to cultivate self-love. Prioritize your pleasure. If you mind your own business you will have much more to give. Notice where you are leaking energy and make the necessary adjustments. Listen to your body because it is sending you important information all the time. The situations that propel you forward are the ones that will feel good. You are inside a moment of personal evolution and life will show you how to support your expansion if you are willing to see.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 21): All of the information you need is coming from the inside out these days. You will find little value in your external environment. There are big life issues that require your attention and it has everything to do with your place in the world. You have created a solid foundation, laid down rich fertile soil, planted all of the necessary seeds and now it is time to grow. Try to avoid asking others for advice, they have no context for where you are going. Even if you feel lost, practice listening to your own voice. It may be quiet at first but the more attention you give to it the louder it will become. Sometimes we can sabotage ourselves by hanging onto things that used to turn us on. Realize you have changed and act accordingly.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): There is alot going on in your world and your plate is full. Take a moment to notice all of the pieces. There are more than you need. You can’t complete the puzzle because you have to let go of a number of things. You can’t jam everything into place no matter how hard you try, some of them just don’t fit. Think of it this way, you are about to take an epic journey to a place you have never been before, but everything you have ever wanted is there. You have one small boat that will carry you on this voyage but space is limited. You have tried to make this journey before but your boat kept sinking due to all of the baggage you kept trying to bring along. You now have a unique opportunity to unpack the boat and give it another try. Trust your decision making skills, you have been developing them and they are strong.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): It is not necessary to control everything right now, and you couldn’t even if you tried. I know this doesn’t come easy to you but you will find much value in letting go. Go for it. What’s the worst that could happen? Everything falls apart? It won’t and if it does it wasn’t meant to stay together. All unstable structures will become dismantled and no effort on your part will stop the process from happening, so save your energy for the things that will feed you. Give to yourself first. Sometimes that looks like taking care of the mundane details of your life but tolerating minor annoyances robs you of precious energy. They add up and create a giant gaping hole. It doesn’t sound like fun but it will make room for pleasure down the road. Right now it is time to get to work.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Life is showing you something very important. You need to pay attention. My sense is you are afraid to look because you may not like what you see, but you will be pleasantly surprised. Your anger will become your most wise teacher, it contains a plethora of valuable information. If you can cultivate patience with yourself and learn to notice where your anger is coming from you will discover where you keep getting stuck. These are the places that require softness and agility. Things don’t always unfold as you would like them to or imagine that they should but they always unfold in accordance with your highest good.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): It’s okay to say no sometimes, maybe all of the time. Check your intentions for saying yes and you will find that you are too often attempting to please others. I want you to realize how you take responsibility for people’s behaviour, happiness and comfort. Your empathy should be your superpower but instead it is disempowering you. Practice not giving a shit. Practice focussing on yourself. True empathy is to deny that suffering is real and hold a higher perspective. If you can learn how to do this you will become the strongest person you know. Your capacity for change is at an all time high. Life will make it too uncomfortable to stay the same. Put yourself at the center and you will no longer feel overwhelmed.

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