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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: April 2019

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: April 2019

Aries: You are a magnet. We all are, but right now is the perfect time for you to fine tune your point of attraction. What are you magnetizing? The easiest way to discover this is to look at what and who is in your life…. And how you feel. If you like it, you are on the right track and if you don’t you have some things to change. Check your frequency. Experiment. Notice how your emotional state dictates what flavour of experiences you are having. This new awareness will give you complete creative control of your life. As you begin to discover how much your internal world is reflected in your external world you would be wise to spend more time alone. Cultivating your ability to maintain a state of being that matches what it is you want to manifest in your outer world.

Taurus: As you continue to evolve you will notice that the things that used to turn you on no longer have a pull. You want more. You deserve more. But you are going to have to let go of past attachments. It will become clear that what used to feel real and important was merely surface. It was feeding your ego. Don’t be ashamed about this, we all have one. But you want to go for the deeper stuff, because it is what will actually sustain you. Look at this as a bit of an incubation period. It is okay to wait for what is right for you. Don’t be tempted to jump into the arms of the things that once felt good. Your intuition is correct, it won’t give you what you are actually looking for. Just wait.

Gemini: Changes. You are about to tap into a whole new source of energy and inspiration. You have been getting ready. The getting ready may have felt a bit dramatic and extreme at times but evolution is not always comfortable. Breaking free of old habits can be very uncomfortable. But you did it, are still doing it. You will notice that with these big sweeping changes, alot of people will leave your life. That’s okay, they don’t match you anymore. You should be having fun and you should be spending your time with people that are fun to be around. Look for those that make you feel good and don’t settle for less.

Cancer: It is time to find more effective ways to let go. You are a sensitive individual (did you notice?) Which means you gather emotions within yourself 100 times more than most people. As you become more aware of yourself and others you are going to need to create a new system for keeping these emotions from building up. You are evolving, which means your tools need to evolve as well. Alot of this has to do with your sense of home. A redefinition of this may be very helpful for you right now. Finding ways to feel at home within yourself will give you the security and freedom that you are looking for. Once you discover this it won’t matter where you are, you will always be right where you need to be.

Leo: Investigate. Become more curious about yourself. And with complete honesty. What drives you, what are your compulsions, where do you put your energy? You are going to find yourself wanting to create a new groove. Swimming on the surface and is not working for you anymore. It is time for more depth. The things that used to bring you satisfaction aren’t doing it for you anymore. You need to begin to look well beyond the spaces that you used to occupy. There is so much more waiting for you, but you will not find it unless you go looking. Action is required. This isn’t a time to sit back and dream. The dream is has already been created, not it is time to go grab onto it. The only thing that is missing is your action.

Virgo: Everyone seems to want what you have to offer. And you have alot. You get to decide what you give and how you deliver. There is much under the surface … keep most of it for yourself. You are entering a highly productive time and you need all of your energy and focus. Don’t get distracted by shiny things or ego-stroking situations, they won’t take you to where you want to go. You know where your stability lives, stay there. Keep your center. There is a way to be vulnerable and open and keep your boundaries at the same time. Move out into the world with a new sense of self. You are continually discovering who you are and it will allow you to create something completely new and unique. Your only job right now, keep up with your expansion.

Libra: There is a deep desire to explore. To discover something you have never experienced before. It won’t leave you alone. So go with it. The trick will be to respect your relationships and stay in integrity while you evolve. If you can find a way to balance your loyalty to yourself and, at the same time, respect others, you will find all of your interactions much more fulfilling. Everything will become rich and textured. A new level of intimacy with life is waiting for you. You will have much more of yourself to share if you take risks and go into everything with a willingness to experience the new. It is going to feel a bit strange because you have never been here before, but go with it. You will get comfortable very soon.

Scorpio: I want you to remember what you really love to do. What brings you joy. What turns you on. Take some time to figure it out and then find a way to place it into your daily schedule. It will change everything. Part of you has been tossed aside while you tend to the seriousness of life. But the thing is, life isn’t actually as serious as it feels right now and you need to have some fun. While you are intense by nature, you need to play and you are missing it something fierce right now. You could use a healthy dose of flexibility. Things are getting a bit too tight and boxed in. Become more fluid, use any tools necessary. Dance, move, paint, write, run, breathe. Your life wants you more loose.

Sagittarius: You are holding back. Don’t do that anymore. We all need your optimism, your joy, your creativity. Allow yourself to move beyond the edges of yourself so you (and everyone else) gets an opportunity to experience all of you. There are one million innovative ideas living inside of you right now and all of them deserve a chance to be birthed. Focus is required. And a little bit of discipline. The challenge will be to balance structure with freedom. You need room to breathe and move. The life you are creating needs alot of space to grow. Make cultivating space a priority. Figure it out. You need more time alone. This can be difficult for you because you love your people and do intimacy well, just make sure you are not distracting yourself with your relationships. They should not be taking you away from all of your beautiful creations.

Capricorn: Pure potential. That is what is going on for you right now. The opportunity to accomplish and realize your dreams is super high. The trick is to shift gears. You are emerging from a period of healing and cleaning up old stuff. There are some new beautiful things that are bringing you to the surface but you still have some of that old energy hanging around. Let it go. You have actually moved beyond it. You are ready to share this new version of yourself. You can trust this, it is authentic. Just remember your integrity. And lighten up. You have outgrown the seriousness of the past few years. The metamorphosis is real. Trust it and run with it.

Aquarius: That restless feeling is still hanging around. It probably will for the next few years. It would serve you well to get used to it and find a way to channel the energy. Just go with it. You are not meant to stand still right now. It would be wise to generate a feeling of trust in life because you are going to be inspired into very new and unfamiliar territory. Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be. Listen to your intuition more closely. The wave you are currently riding has everything to do with your spiritual journey. Look for what supports you beyond money and physical stability. There are other things, they are hiding deep beneath the surface but they are the ones that feed your soul. And that is what you are hungry for these days.

Pisces: All of that compassion that you send towards others? Send it directly towards yourself. All of it. Do what makes you feel good, with zero judgement. There are some new, delicious things waiting for you but you need to get yourself ready to receive them. How? Focus on your pleasure. You are a bit too tight and restrictive. Be loose. Soothe yourself. You need to turn your attention in the right direction. You often spend so much energy tending to others needs (even in small subtle ways) that you miss your own life. I can feel you tip-toeing around the edges right now. It wants all of you. Be selfish, even for a little while. Just long enough to taste it.

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