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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans – December 2019

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans – December 2019

Aries. Sometimes when we think about how we want to shape our lives we are thinking inside a box. Or inside of our paradigm. I would stretch that sometimes to all of the time, unless we have a practice that takes us out. How can you create practices and rituals that directly remove you from your rigid belief system? You may not be convinced that you have one (a belief system that is) but we all do. Even your eccentricity and weird ways is a box. And right now your best work is to find your way out of it. You have the potential to create things beyond your wildest dreams you actually need to get beyond them. You don’t see it because you are too focussed on keeping rhythm with your old self. Take your eyes upward and give yourself a complete shift in perspective. Explore your destiny in a way you have never before.

Taurus. The time has come for higher level stuff. You are going to have to leave a few people behind, or below. When you graduate to grade eight you don’t stay in grade seven because some of your friends fail to pass. You keep moving on up. If you decide to stay back with your buddies you are going to become resentful. It can be lonely, for sure, but who wants to stay in grade seven for ever. You have been working too hard for this. You really have. It will take courage but it is worth it to gather all of your strength into your arms and reach high. What will you find up there? Inspiration, gifts, solutions. You will feel this happening. It feels like a pull. A pull upwards. A pull out of yourself. Just go with it.

Gemini. Eventually you have to give up the struggle. Whatever it is. You might not even realize it is there, but it is. Feel around for the resistance or look to your life to see where you are holding back. It will look like… one step forward two steps back. You have been doing this dance for a long long time. What would help you let go is to really get curious about where you don’t believe in yourself. There is a place that you do not think you can go. You know where that place is. And sometimes you pretend to go there but you don’t really believe you will. You can’t play the game anymore. Your potential is going to come out regardless. Get with the program and it won’t be so uncomfortable.

Cancer. Things can no longer stay the same. We are all getting a push in one direction or another, for you it is about how you relate to others. Your intimacy is about to get an upgrade. Are you ready? Expect some turbulence. This shift is going to require the best of you. All of your attachment issues, fear of abandonment, rejection, closeness… they’ve got to go. This is all very good but it might not feel so comfortable at first. You can’t side-step this one. Be prepared to face it head on. Be honest about how you are with others. The games you play (relax, we all do) Self-awareness has the opportunity to evolve into self-actualization. Your fear of being hurt is the only thing holding you back.

Leo. The focus is still on your daily rhythm, your daily habits and how you move through your world. If you don’t become open to changing how you keep your day, nothing else will change. Interrupt the pattern. Can you feel how you are in a loop? It isn’t necessarily bad or wrong but if you don’t like the outcome of how you are investing your time you are going to have to invest it elsewhere. There is no other way to approach this. It even comes down to the trivial details. It all matters and it matters a lot for you right now. No small movement is too small for you. Get super clear on where you want to go and then take an inventory of all of your daily actions. Do they match? If not they’ve got to go.

Virgo. Criticism and discernment have their time and place, but that time is not now. Just take a bit of a break. A long deep slow breath and allow things to be just as they are. Most importantly, allow yourself to be just as you are. Stop and take a moment to notice where you are standing. Look around. Absorb it all and find appreciation for every little piece of it. Just for now. Practice radical acceptance. No hard work. No improvement. No making things better. Can you simply enjoy everything as it is right now? If you can get to this place you will find something deep below the surface that is so rich and so full of potential. But the only way to touch it is to allow.

Libra. Your feet are about to fall on holy ground. A foundation that is so stable and so totally yours that you may no longer question your stability ever again. Those are big words but it is completely possible. No one has been working on this more than you. You are close to really understanding what nourishes you and what sustains you. Don’t stop now. That curiosity will take you there. Once your roots reach deep down into your own soil you will find depth in all you do. The one non-negotiable is that it is your own. Don’t go looking for it in someone else’s backyard.

Scorpio. What are you thinking? The most important question you could ask. Give yourself a month long project of recording your thoughts. How are you using your mind? The thing is, no one can think your thoughts for you. It is the one thing you actually have control over. Complete control. And you are someone who likes to have control. This is your loop-hole. Get ahold of your thinking. But in a real way. You can’t wrestle it to the ground. You can’t force yourself to think happy thoughts. This project will require you to stretch yourself in a big way. But you are ready. It isn’t really working for you anymore anyways. Taking responsibility for your mental space is the answer to all of your problems. Go.

Sagittarius. Get ready to get rid of any and all uncertainties held over from the past. You, my friend, are about to step into your own. This is a long time coming. There has been tons of work going on under the surface. It hasn’t always been easy (who are we kidding, it has been a bit of a shit show) but completely necessary and you can finally feel the why. What is required from you now is to take a moment and reassess where you are at. Your priorities have changed since your transformation but you may not realize it. Take a look. Make a list. Check it twice. What do you value? What is important to you? Ps. Your potential to make a ton of money is right there. You may want to figure out how to make use of it.

Capricorn. You are super close to really figuring out who you are now. It is different from what it once was. It is possible you are feeling a bit disoriented because so much change has occurred. You may be trying to function on your old operating system. But you have a brand new fancy computer. It is time for an upgrade. Also … to add to this, it is most definitely your time to put yourself out there. Hiding isn’t really an option anymore. Get comfortable with being more public. It will feel different because you are settled into your authenticity. You may not fully trust yourself but you can. It is all there. No more ‘I should have or shouldn’t have’. Replace it with ‘from now on I will’. Make this your new discipline.

Aquarius. Think of this time as an incubation period. There is a lot happening below the surface that is not quite ready to be realized. You need some time to prepare. You can be quite pragmatic with this process. Tend to your physical health, take much more space to be alone and readjust how you spend your time. You need energy and clarity for the next stage of your adventure and you need to be focussed on how to attain that. Fill yourself up whenever you can. You will thank yourself for this later. There is a time for everything and now is the time for rest and recalibration. Resist your urge to get up in everyone else’s stuff. Mind your own business, it is yours to mind.

Pisces. Finding your place in the world can be tricky. But it is there. This little nook that is especially for you. In this place you have the opportunity to relax fully into yourself, in all of your weirdness and quirky ways. Here you are recognized for your skills and talents and of value to those who surround you. This place exists. Can you imagine how it would feel if this was your reality? If you didn’t actually have to work at being something you are not? Accepting that this is possible is the first step to reaching the destination. Spend a little time everyday dreaming it into existence.

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