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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: December 2018

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: December 2018

Aries: Everything is wobbly. But not you. Don’t get confused by other’s instability. You are solid right now. Something unseen is pulling you to a higher perspective, trust that. Follow that feeling. You having been working towards this for a long time. There is a new level of awareness available to you. It is crucial for you to remain aligned with your center. Know who you are and what you understand to be true. Unwavering. This is a period of deep investigation into yourself and how you move about your world. Be inside your body, it will keep you rooted in what is real. If you don’t, you run the risk of becoming emotionally stuck. You are becoming more conscious daily… just pay attention and do not allow yourself to get distracted. And most importantly, do not sacrifice your stability for anyone.

Taurus: You are restricted and tight. In one particular place. It is your job to find out where. You know. It is time to unravel. “You can only lose what you cling to” as Buddha one said. So open and let go. You have nothing to lose except the burden of feeling stuck. There is a whole new world for you to experience and you are getting in your own way. Your allegiance to the past is your main obstacle. Straight up, you have outgrown all of it. The best question you can ask yourself is what would make you happy right now? Go deeper, below the surface. The answer is not obvious because you can’t touch it with your five senses. This is a soul conversation. It is going to be uncomfortable because you are going to have to release some old ideas you had about yourself and your life. It isn’t what you originally thought, but I promise it is a million times better. Be open.

Gemini: There is movement where things were once stuck. Go with it. It might feel a bit overwhelming because there is a lot of momentum. You have been waiting for this for awhile. Just focus on what you love, most importantly yourself. Stop trying to fit into situations that aren’t for you. Everything is as it should be. You are just as you need to be for where you are. Maintain a sense of equilibrium and balance within yourself and things will flow easily. Love up your body and figure out how you can nourish it right now. Make sure you are asking the right questions… instead of “how am I doing?” try “what do I need?” When you get the answer, honour it and put it into play. There is a lot happening, get your rest and take the space necessary to calibrate with all of the big changes underfoot.

Cancer: Nothing is as serious as it seems. Lighten up. Do you know how? That is your practice. Be light, play, lean into things that make you feel free. There is a revitalization in effect but you have to put energy into it or it will go stale. The more you open to life right now the more it will give back. What do you need to give to get what you want? The time for waiting for others to jump start your life is over. You have gathered all of the skills you need to make shit happen. The trick is to be compassionate with yourself at the same time. You have to find a way to be hard and soft at exactly the same time. Passive and aggressive. This isn’t easy. No one said it would be. But it is your life. How bad do you want it. You might feel restless. You probably already do. There is something happening and you can feel it. A higher energy. Don’t close down to it. You have come too far to turn away from it now.

Leo: You are caught in some kind of loop. There is an opportunity right now to break this repetitive pattern and bring something into balance. What thoughts do you keep turning over in your head? Pay closer attention because it will become obvious. If you keep thinking the same thing over and over again you will remain stuck. And you want change. You need it right now. Movement is necessary for your evolution. You have a reservoir of enthusiasm but it is hidden underneath a pile of heavy, sticky muck. It’s time to get clear. Your job is to find the easiest, fastest way to clean house. Connect with your creativity and it will lift you above all of this. Focus on being instead of doing. How do you need to be in order to move towards all of the things that you want?

Virgo: How can you cultivate a new sense of security and stability? It requires you to give something of yourself. Are you putting in the energy necessary to build a strong foundation? You are missing an important piece, holding back a crucial piece of the puzzle. You can’t keep this to yourself or you will lose the opportunity for something really beautiful to flourish. Feed it. Nourish it. Put the best of yourself into it and you will draw the best out of it. There is no way around this one. It needs fertile soil. This is about redirecting your energy. It is a practical process. Look at how you spend your time – where are you investing it? You might be getting a fast, superficial buzz off of it but it won’t sustain you and you will just have to keep going back for more again and again… it has no nutrients. The real deal is right in front of your face, why are you ignoring it?

Libra: There is a shift in how you relate to people and your world. You tend to lean heavily into others, and for a good reason. You are oozing in generosity, this needs a bit of balancing right now. It’s time to explore dependency and codependency… intimacy and freedom. You can give of yourself without giving yourself away. It would do you well to figure that out before you burn out. A little alone time will go a long way. There is a restless energy moving through you, this is your evolution at work. You are outgrowing your old skin and things are getting a little tight. This is why you need space, it’s imperative to get a sense of what you should keep and what has to go. You can’t hear your own voice when there are so many louder ones in your ear.

Scorpio: You are waking up. Be kind to yourself. When there is so much forward motion it can be disorienting. Just keep moving and checking in with where you are standing. Sometimes when everything changes so much you can feel isolated and alone. Sometimes you are moving and everyone else seems to be standing still. This is not the case but it can certainly feel that way. Have compassion for yourself and others, we are all doing our best. Comfort yourself with your creativity. Look for the places that you feel the most inspired and allow those to lift you above your loneliness. Because the truth is there are alot of things that only you can give yourself. This experience will give you a new level of self-respect and self-love if you can keep up with your own evolution.

Sagittarius: Life is big, huge, gigantic, enormous. You are taking risks in every direction, even if they are internal risks. Thinking differently can feel scary, especially if it is in opposition to the people closest to you. It is a courageous act and has everything to do with your freedom. Be brave and keep quiet. No one needs to know about the revolution going on inside of yourself, they wouldn’t understand anyway and will only distract you. It is more important than ever to maintain alignment with yourself and what you know to be true. Respect your wisdom and perspective, you have done a lot of work to get to this place. Value your own opinion over others right now, no matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel. You are building muscles that will give you the strength to carry you through the next year.

Capricorn: You did the best you could. You did better than that, you are a superpower. Acknowledge that and let the rest go. Self-criticism is not helpful, nor is it warranted. If you really looked at the details of the situation you would realize that you moved through it with grace and strength. It hasn’t been easy. Everything has changed. You may feel alone, and in many ways you are. This space is for you. Enjoy the solitude, it will actually nourish you if you don’t go jumping after something else. Sit within it for long enough to see the value it has for you. Something beautiful will grow from this time. From this space you will have a chance to see what needs to change and will understand how to go about making those changes happen. Become a quiet observer of your life, it will give you everything you need right now. There is lots to see.

Aquarius: How do you soothe yourself? This may need a bit of reworking. Your software is ready for an update. You are stuck in more ways than one. But my sense is you already know this and are looking for ways to loosen yourself. Get intimate with your habits, the answer is there. These are the places that you are tight and unwilling to change, but this is exactly where you must open. Reinvent your daily life and you will find a reservoir of energy you didn’t know existed. This stagnation just needs a little push on your part. You are good at taking risks and bravery comes easy to you, implement those skills right now. Lift yourself out of the mundane with the willingness to do something different. Everything is figureoutable if you are open to new ways of looking at the situation. A higher perspective is of the highest value to you right now.

Pisces: Get ready. You are about to become acquainted with a new version of yourself. This means taking things to a completely new level. Don’t worry, it will be easy. You will surprise yourself with your ability to focus and get things done. Usually you hide from your ambition but you will not be able to anymore. Life has too much to offer you and you need to reach out and grab it. Your biggest obstacle will be self-doubt. Trust your capabilities. You have everything you need. Give yourself lots of time to unplug and daydream, this comes naturally to you and you will need to keep that in check as things begin to move faster. Don’t lose yourself but also be willing to lose yourself at the same time. It sounds impossible but if anyone can pull this off, it is you.

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