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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans – Feb 2020

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans – Feb 2020

Aries: You could be super magnetic right now if you focussed in a certain way. There has been a major readjustment in your energy and it has been facilitated by you. Keep doing that, it is going to continue to work for you. You are preparing for your next circle around the sun. The more you shift your perspective the more you will magnetize all of the things that can take you to the next level. It’s really about taking the wheel into your hands and driving like you know where you are going (even if you don’t). Impaired driving is highly discouraged at this time. Take your observation skills into a deeper space. A bit quieter, a bit more curious. Lean back a bit, you will see so much more.

Taurus: Find all the ways in which you can express yourself as truthfully as possible. That might require you take some time to find out what your truth is. I promise it has changed this year. Alot. You have been undergoing an internal transformation like no other. You know exactly what I am talking about. How do you want to interact with the world around you? Find that freedom. It exists for you. You have a bit of a clean slate situation going on right now. Close your eyes and imagine what that looks like. If failure was not possible and safety was guaranteed what would you do? It is possible you are hiding some very beautiful important aspects of yourself. It feels like a bit of a mining expedition. This isn’t something that will come easily, you have to go looking for it.

Gemini: How is your mind working for you these days? You might not be utilizing it in a way that supports your growth and expansion. It might make sense to just get out of your head altogether. Get super pragmatic, practical… make a plan. It isn’t a time for big sky thinking. More like tiny steps. Your gifts want to be brought out into the world but it has to happen in a way that makes sense and will be simple to execute. If you get your feet firmly on the ground you might even have a sudden awakening. You might notice something you didn’t notice before. Get physical this month, get out of your head, put one foot in front of the other and they will take you exactly where you want to go.

Cancer: You are stuck somewhere. You keep going backwards and sideways but not forward. There are certain things that are really flowing beautifully. Things are popping. You are figuring shit out. But then there are other things, important ones, that have you turned inside out. Be patient with yourself. You are about to break a lifelong pattern and it has everything to do with worthiness. It is hard to feel that worthiness when others have not tended to you with care – when you have dealt with sloppy people. The trick is to find it for yourself, independent of other’s opinions or behaviours. Then you will become a magnet to people who respect and love you for you are. And that, my friend, feels like home.

Leo: The game right now is readjusting how you take pleasure in your life. Things can be light right now, they should be. It isn’t necessary to lean into the serious, heavy stuff. Not now. Maybe you have forgotten that you are funny and gregarious. The world needs that part of you right now. The way to pull it out is to fall in love with your life. Generate a generous amount of gratitude. Ignore the things that make you feel a sense of scarcity and lack. Notice where all of the good stuff comes from and keep moving in that direction. You have the potential right now to make a quantum leap. It is time to uplevel. But you are not going to get there in the way you originally thought. Ignore the hustle and just do things that make you feel really, really good.

Virgo: It’s all about the unseen these days, which is a bit of a shift for you. Nothing is currently tangible. You are being pushed to dip into a quieter space. Get curious about it and see what you find. There is beauty and innovations and solutions hiding for you. It is a time for you to regather your inner resources, recharge and rest. It seems like you are solving some kind of mystery, one that makes sense only to you. When you re-emerge from this period of introspection you will feel a sense of a clean sweep, fresh air, wide open spaces to create something new. This is a highly creative time for you if you use it properly. Don’t waste your energy running around town and putting yourself out there. Go inside for a little while.

Libra: It would serve you well to get really granular with your life. Get your little tweezers and begin to remove all of the teeny tiny things that are blocking you from feeling free. You are here to lift and inspire people. You hold the ability to bring peace to any situation, that is your gift. But not if everything is cluttered and stuck. A lot of this has to do with creating new daily rhythms. What are your rituals? The flow of your day, what you do on the regular, who you spend time with, how you move through your world. This is where you need to look. Get in close. Use a microscope and those little tweezers and get to work. This game of hide and seek will change everything for you.

Scorpio: Something is trying to get your attention. It is important. It has to do with what and how you share yourself with the world. You have a gift or gifts that are needed right now. You are procrastinating. Why? Is there self-doubt, are you too busy, do you not know what it is? Cultivate a new way of listening to what your life is trying to tell you. It will come in the form of the feelings that show up for you. And in your body. Your body will talk to you if you are willing to listen. The tension, the butterflies, the openness… they are all messages. Where do you feel tight and constricted and where do you feel open and relaxed? Notice. The good feelings will lead you towards your purpose and passion.

Sagittarius: Get it done. There is no time to kick back and observe. Sink your teeth into whatever it is that is wanting you. You want it too. There is a lot of energy available to you right now to complete projects that are important to you and your growth. Use it. Don’t get lost in dreaming about the future at this time. Be present with what is right in front of you and tend to that. If you use this energy efficiently it will bring you to a breakthrough. Something will shift and everything will become easier. But it is really important that you get your feet on the ground and your head straight. Do everything consciously. Pay attention. You will free yourself up for more creativity and less structure. But for now put some time into erecting the scaffolding so you have a solid framework.

Capricorn: Come back to something that needs to be tended to. Reassess who you surround yourself with, it is impacting your energy. You have become very skilled at staying in your own center. The next step is not allowing others to impact you as much as you do. Even though you are tough and rational, you are also a highly sensitive person. Think of it as though you are building a muscle. Exercising your ability to not leave yourself regardless of what others want from you. How people are with you almost always has to do with where they are at with themselves. You could certainly use a dose of not taking things personally and, more importantly, minding your own business.

Aquarius: What is it you want to create in your world? Think about this in a deeper way than you are used to. This isn’t a time to skim the surface, there are things underneath that want to be brought to the top. Maybe something you have always wanted but never thought possible, you may have even forgotten about it. It is most likely not of material value or success. It has something to do with how you feel about yourself and how you express that outwardly. If you can generate a solid sense of self-awareness and authenticity, you will find the world responds to you differently.

Pisces: Sometimes we put on an act to protect ourselves. We don’t want to show what is really in there. You have been working on this behind the scene. Sorting out who it is you are and why it is you do the things you do. It has been a bit of a metamorphosis situation. The cocoon phase is almost complete. You will be ready to show your truth very soon, you just need to get your footing with it. Knowing thyself is the most important information you can gather right now. Because when you are solid in yourself you become solid in the world. Decisive, clear-thinking, confident, calm, steady … but none of that comes without putting the work in first.

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