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sTars – Cosmic News for Humans: January 2019

sTars – Cosmic News for Humans: January 2019

Aries: As I look back over the past year, I acknowledge my progress and evolution and ground myself in my readiness. I am ready. I now understand my role in creating my destiny and commit to maintaining a clear channel. I no longer resist cultivating discipline because I see the value stability brings to my life. I focus my energy on building a solid foundation so that my creativity is able to take root. But, most importantly, I trust my ability to know what is right for me and that I have the courage to move towards what I want. This year I commit to connecting with my inventive spirit, because I now know it is my strongest muscle.

Taurus:I honour my changes. I honour my complexity. I move forward into this new year with the awareness that life doesn’t follow a straight line. I let go of my expectations and allow things to evolve in their own perfect rhythm. I notice my need to control and push and I soften into a new place of receptivity. I notice how I react when things do not go my way and acknowledge that I may not actually know what it is that I want. This year I take responsibility for widening my perspective and seeing my life with fresh eyes. I surrender to change and give myself the space to grow into a fuller version of myself. I now know there is much more that I want to experience and am ready for it be shown to me.

Gemini: It is safe for me to slow down. It is okay for me to be still. This year I make a commitment to rearrange my relationship with prosperity, realizing that it has nothing to do with being busy and everything to do with alignment with my authentic self. I now know how to deliberately focus my energy and the importance of staying connected to my values. I make room for my healing to occur so that I am able to let go of beliefs that no longer serve me. I allow myself to be comfortable with who I am and become quiet enough to hear my truth. I trust that this new found stillness will take me below the surface so that I am able to experience my own depth.

Cancer: This year I commit to discovering my true value and honouring the gifts I bring to the world. I give myself the space to tend to my needs and I realize that my most important relationship is the one I have with myself. I now know that in order for me to share I must take the time to develop and cultivate my authenticity, giving myself permission to nurture my purpose and place in the world. I lean into my desires, finding ways to creatively make them a priority – to make myself a priority. I am open to learning new ways to honour others without losing myself. I am open to seeing my sensitivity as a strength instead of a weakness and will continue to look for opportunities to develop my intuition so that it becomes the ground that I stand on. I am willing to see myself as a stable and secure person, even when my doubt tries to steer the ship.
Leo: As I move forward into this year, I bring with me a new level of adaptability. I am open to seeing the places in which I am stuck and I commit to discovering new ways to loosen myself. I can feel the freedom that comes from taking responsibility for my own well-being and am willing to let go of my victim mentality. I realize that I can take small, simple steps to create a daily rhythm that supports my goals and that allow me to connect with the life I want to create. And I can see where my old habits and behaviours block me from moving towards all that I want. As I move beyond my idea of suffering, I find new solutions to the problems that once seemed impossible. I am beginning to see that my beliefs and my perception of the world are obstacles to realizing my highest potential.

Virgo: I accept my freedom and the responsibility that comes with it. I trust that I have developed the skills necessary to carry and hold all that I want to bring forward. This year I meet my life and the people in it as an equal participant. I can now see that when I hold back my energy I restrict what I receive from the world. I lean into my own stability and know that I am able to maintain it when I make it a priority. I pay attention to the situations that make me contract and adjust how I respond. I am willing to change my story to one that supports my success and I allow myself to become intimate with my own worthiness. I now know that what I have to offer is of value and that others will only see that value when I recognize it myself. This year I will take the time to feel at home within myself and allow that to cultivate the security I am looking for in my physical environment. I commit to understanding what it means to be generous with myself and to those that offer generosity to me. I make room for reciprocity.

Libra: It is okay to let go. It is safe for me to move beyond my disappointments so that I am able to experience a new quality of life. I can now see how my unwillingness to change is holding me back. I understand that although I have done a lot of work, I still have more work to do. I can feel where I am resisting my own evolution. I can also feel the places where I am not compassionate with myself and am willing to nurture myself where I am the most wounded. I am doing my best and I can always do better. This year will bring me new opportunities to grow and expand and I am willing to go looking for those opportunities. My eyes are open and I am ready for change. I am no longer afraid of disappointing others and disrupting the peace. I now know that sometimes conflict is an act of peace and that I must follow my own truth, no matter the cost. I can look back on my past with wisdom and see how I often don’t honour myself in an attempt to keep the balance. I now have to courage to live my truth.

Scorpio: I remember to stay grounded. As things shift and change I know that there is a place of stability that lives inside of me and that this place of stability requires my love and attention. As I move forward into this new year I become more aware of my mental chatter and how my thinking creates feelings of insecurity. I notice where my head goes when I am stressed and look for new ways of directing my mind. I dedicate this year to developing new skills that support healthier ways of managing my energy so that I no longer feel overwhelmed with my life. I will now pay closer attention to how I lose myself in doubt and catch the momentum before it feels out of my control. I trust myself. I trust my ability to handle everything and anything that comes my way and know that I will find the tools necessary to navigate the situations that cross my path. I am now aware of how I communicate with myself and others and will tend to my communication with sensitivity and deliberate attention.

Sagittarius: I love myself. I forgive myself. I let go of any shame and guilt that has taken root in my system. I allow myself to acknowledge my progress and growth and how far I have come. As I move into this new year I foster an appreciation for where I am and stand in my own truth. I give myself the compassion and understanding that I so freely give to others, knowing that I deserve my love just as much as everyone else. I now see that when I nurture myself I am more able to serve the world. I dedicate this year to tending to my vehicle over and above everything else, giving myself a solid foundation on which I now stand. I now longer lean onto others but shift my weight so that I am firmly planted on my own two feet. I allow myself to become comfortable with my sovereignty and know that healthy boundaries are essential for my own well-being. And I create the space necessary to hold the greatness that my life has to offer.

Capricorn: I am finding my power and strength in new ways. In places that I didn’t know exist. In places that surprise me. I now realize that I am a leader and that I must maintain my center in order to step into my power. I will not lose myself to other people’s turbulence, but remain anchored in my own holy ground. This year I make a commitment to my own nourishment and creativity. I will continue to look for the things that fill me up and light my fire, knowing that this is my most important work. I allow myself to let go of the need for perfection so that I am able to move into my own depth and discover the perfection that already exists below the surface.

Aquarius: How can I contribute? What does the world need from me right now? I lean into my value, knowing that my unique perspective is my gift. I understand that focussing on my own healing is essential right now and will free me up to share myself authentically. I allow space for my emotions and now see them as my guidance system. I look for the places where I feel restricted and restless and tend to them accordingly. Feeling for my freedom so that I can create exactly what I want for myself and the world. I commit to becoming more intimate with how I am feeling in every moment and know that my emotional state is the most important information at my disposal. I am learning to listen to my own voice and create practices that quiet the noise from outside so that I can hear my truth clearly.

Pisces: I move forward into this new year with a new capacity to trust. Not trusting others, but trust in something much bigger than myself. I allow this trust to loosen me and lighten, letting go of any serious and heavy energy that I am dragging with me from the past year. I now have a deeper understanding of synchronicity and lean into this wisdom with conviction. I will no longer allow fear and doubt guide me, knowing that they never take me where I want to go. I will be kinder to myself as I find my way, cultivating compassion and clarity. I become more disciplined in my own dreams and destiny, making them a priority over all other dramas that come into my life. I will no longer be distracted from my own path, staying in my own lane and minding my business at all times. I am allowed to want what I want and I go for it with all of my energy and focus.

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