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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: July 2019

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: July 2019

Aries: CREATE. It’s time to make. It’s time to move. There is alot of energy available to you right now, ride it. Juice up the feeling of being inspired. And if you can’t find the feeling, place things in your life that bring it about. You know yourself well enough to know what pulls you down and what lifts you up. Don’t get lazy … this is your responsibility. Say no to things that don’t turn you on and say yes to things that do. Your loyalty is to yourself alone. Your relationships will work themselves out for the time being. Respect your own boundaries enough to keep them firmly in place, otherwise you will end up living someone else’s life, and you have too much living to do.

Taurus: STABILITY. Your foundation needs your attention. Have a solid look at what you are standing on. What is under your feet. Is anything tripping you up? It shouldn’t and if it is it’s got to go. Find your holy ground. What does that mean? Take care of your body, make your environment beautiful, do things that nourish you, spend time with people that feel safe. Your home should be a place where you can be completely yourself. Think about the spaces you inhabit. Relationships, work, even your own mind. I want you to place this question upon everything you touch this month … “does this feel like home?” It should, always. And if it doesn’t it’s not for you. Get comfortable with walking away from things that do not feel like home.

Gemini: DEEPEN. There is a theme for you this entire year of going within. Things keep pushing you further and further underneath the surface. You are usually not comfortable here but it is showing you how much richness lies below. The more time you spend alone, the more you will realize that this is exactly where you need to be. This is a process and the self-awareness you develop right now will become steady and carry you to exactly where you need to be. In many ways you are cultivating a relationship with yourself for the first time. Soon it will be time to move out into the world with your new sense of self and it will connect you with your world in big beautiful ways. Because it will bring you a sense of security and steadiness you have been looking for for a very long time. It was within you all along.

Cancer: LIBERATION. You know what freedom feels like? Get ready to lean into it fully. It may be a little disorienting at first because you aren’t used to being this untethered. You didn’t realize how chained down you were until you broke loose from them. Maybe you didn’t even know the chains were there. Create stability for yourself by staying grounded at all times, this will serve you well as you begin to find your footing. Just stay quiet and close to yourself as you get used to this new feeling. Look for ways that bring you a sense of steadiness. In many ways everything is new. What are you going to do with this freedom? First and foremost, make decisions for yourself. Carve your own beautiful path. Liberate yourself from all outmoded ways of doing things and open yourself up to a whole new life.

Leo: BEGIN. The soil is fertile right now. Something has ended and something else wants to begin. But you need to be willing to close a few doors, even if you are attached to keeping them open. You need to be willing to walk away from the things that are no longer feeding you. You know what they are. Don’t water dead plants. It is futile. Plant new seeds, pull out the weeds. What wants your attention right now? Feel for it. You need to cultivate a new level of acceptance. Notice where you feel heavy and pay attention to where you are bored and uninspired. These things are done. Give yourself permission to start fresh. Just because you started something doesn’t mean you need to finish. And just because you wish things had turned out differently doesn’t mean they were supposed to. There are many new things waiting for you right now. Go get them.

Virgo: REEVALUATE. You are getting an opportunity to look at everything. So make sure you take a good, long look. How have you been meeting your life? What are your tricks? And how are they working for you? Things don’t need to be perfect but they are certainly better when they are peaceful. I know you don’t always believe that to be true but it is. Flexibility isn’t always your strongest skill but it would be worthwhile to do some stretching. You are allowed to admit you were wrong. Humility will take you far and wide. Where do you keep running into walls? Be willing to change your approach. It is worth the effort.

Libra: CONNECT. What is your superpower? It is time to dig deep. Everyone loves you and wants what you have to offer. You are a genius at listening and noticing and getting better at it every day. This isn’t a time to hold back, you have been building towards this moment. There is so much richness available to you right now and it has everything to do with your connection to others. Allow your confidence to build. Figure out what it is you have to offer the world and find ways to share it. Don’t get stuck in the learning, you are ready. You are finally in a place where you know yourself and how you want to be in the world. You get to choose. It is really important to listen closely to your own voice. It is clear and has alot to say.

Scorpio: CHANGE. Get curious about how you are in your world. You are ready to completely shift your way of being. Alot of your habits are no longer working for you, you have outgrown them. Have a look around you because there are many beautiful things wanting your attention. The way you were does not fit who you have become and it certainly does not fit what is standing in front of you. This is all very good. You don’t want to be your old self. Notice where you are. Something new is being asked of you and you are up for it. Just be willing to do something different. And be willing to see clearly, not through the lens of your past but what is real and here right now. Don’t pull old shit forward. Leave it where it belongs. And question everything. Your life is about to move in a new direction and it is somewhere you have been wanting to go for a long time.

Sagittarius: FOCUS. There is something that wants to be completed. It is time to collect all of your resources and give birth to it. You have been working on it quietly for a long time but you keep getting distracted by outer forces. Don’t. You are ready but it requires a new level of focus. Get tuned in and turned on. This is your life after all. There have been many challenges but they have all been leading you here. Know yourself and know what it is you want to accomplish. Make a commitment. Cultivate loyalty to yourself and your dreams. It is all possible if you can turn your attention in the right direction. You are being provided with all of the tools that will allow you to actually make it happen. So make it happen.

Capricorn: REFLECT. So much has happened. Big sweeping changes, upheaval, transformation. It is really important for you to take the time to recalibrate. You can’t just march on forward as though everything is the same, it isn’t. Especially you. Carve out space for yourself to look at everything from this new vantage point. You will need to do some cleaning up. There are certain habits, people, thoughts, activities that have got to go. They no longer fit who you have become. You are going to have to find a balance of going inward and connecting with others. This is an intense process and you need to find people that feel safe and will make you laugh as you move through it. There is a whole new life waiting on the other side of this. But you have to walk through this before you get there.

Aquarius: HARMONIZE. Life is relationships. Life is intimacy. No man (or woman) is an island and that includes you. What are you bringing to your connections? You are getting an opportunity to reassess how you relate. You are innovative and not like anyone else and that can feel isolating at times. You do not need to make friends with everyone but there are certainly people out there that are for you. Find them. Collaboration and co-creation are rich and full. But it does take self-awareness and humility. It will be very important for you right now to also take time to retreat and get acquainted with your inner world. What is going on in there? Take a good look because it is being reflected out here.

Pisces: REINVENT. There is so much new energy here for you to utilize. Why not flip everything on its head. Get creative. How are you spending your time? Is it useful, is it working for you? This is time for a revitalization … of your entire body, mind, emotions … everything really. But you need to be willing, and honest. There is some story that you are telling yourself and others that is not the truth. It is keeping your from realizing your full potential. This is big. You may have been telling this story for the better part of your life. It is time to let it go. What are you afraid of losing? That one question will lead you exactly where you need to be. Allow yourself to be innovative with your life and your time. It is time for change.

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