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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: June 2019

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: June 2019

Aries: CHOICE. Everything is a choice. Every single day we choose something … a direction, a person, lunch. And no one gets to choose but you. For you. No matter how restricted you sometimes feel, you always always have a choice. Look closely at your true desires. How well do you know yourself? You are moving into a deeper part of your journey. More connected, more self-aware. Sometimes this is difficult for you because you like to move forward like a blazing arrow. Slow down. Take notice of what is going on under the surface. This is how you make the right choices. This is how you see your path clearly. Sometimes it is wise to stop and look around. Notice if you are moving in the right direction, you can always alter your course but not if you are running to fast to see where you are.

Taurus: CLARITY. Sometimes you got to tear it all down to start new. There is still alot of old stuff blocking your line of sight and it is all about to get knocked down. But don’t worry, you are on top of your game. You won’t care to let that shit go. Because you are ready and know what it is that you want. This isn’t a time to hide. The more you peel off the layers of inauthenticity, the more people will want to see. Of the real you. There is something that is wanting to be revealed, something that you have wanted for a really long time but have not allowed yourself to want. It has a voice now. Listen. And get super clear. Let the the path be revealed to you. Don’t hold on so tight. Think open. Be willing. Your willingness is all that is required.

Gemini: CONNECTION. It’s all about how you relate. What are you bringing to the game? Take a good hard look because it will inform how you move about your world. What do you offer your connections, your community, your relationships? It might be a difficult question to ask yourself because you may find you have been a bit delusional. You are playing part of the game. This is not to cause shame or blame, but to empower you. Pay attention. To the stories you are telling, to the conversations you are carrying, to the attitude you are bringing. Make it your business to understand how you are being received by others so you can attract the connection you are so hungry for.

Cancer: EQUANIMITY. A rebalancing is taking effect. You have a much higher level of energy available to you right now so make use of it. Things will become more complex and full over the next few months so use this time to prepare. Something that is throwing you off balance, get curious about what it is. There is a stability that wants to be cultivated within you. The foundation has been laid, you have been building towards this all year. Don’t get to serious and all wadded up about this. Come at it with a light touch. Self-compassion and discernment are your best allies in this process. Everyone has to do this from time to time, this doesn’t have anything to do with failure. This is just you growing into who you have become.

Leo: COMPLETION. It is the end of an old cycle and there is a new energy coming in. That means the work is releasing the old. Keep moving forward and release. Move your emotions, let go of excess energy. Figure out ways to keep yourself from resting in stagnation. There is alot of movement. You will feel it, if you refuse to go with the momentum. Things will get tense and sticky and uncomfortable. Notice when you feel that way and don’t allow it to take you down, just do the work. Let things surface. Witness the wisdom of your life as it extracts all of the things that are getting in your way. You don’t need to go looking for the places that you are stuck, you will feel them. Have more fun. Play. The lightness will lift you over this process and you will come out the other side ready for everything coming your way.

Virgo: AGILITY. There is strength in softness my friend. This one is hard for you. You can become rigid when things are challenging and you have to problem solve. Flexibility will be your most valued skill right now. Allow yourself to move more freely, to think more fluidly, to bend just a little to what is happening around you. You will break yourself if you can’t find this quality of softness I am speaking of. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to be discerning. But discernment and stubbornness are not the same thing. Be soft with yourself but also with others. Everyone has something of value to offer you, even the villains. This isn’t always easy and you will bump up against all of your beliefs about people and the world. But every once in awhile they are worth investigating and reshaping.

Libra: HIGHER. Up you go. Just when you thought you had reached the top you find there is more. Just go with it. Trust. Feel into your passion, it is where you will find all of your answers. Let it become your compass. You will be required to have a closer look at where you are compromising too much. You are very skilled at bringing about balance, but sometimes you give too much of yourself away. Right now you need to keep it. Let it be all for you. Gather in all of the pieces of yourself for the next leg of this journey. All of your resources are right where you stand. You need nothing more.

Scorpio: EPIPHANY. An experience of a sudden and striking realization. It’s big. What if everything you once thought to be true wasn’t? Or you were only seeing one part of the story but believed you were seeing it all? This isn’t a bad thing. You are waking up to something really beautiful. The trick for you is that surrender is required, complete surrender. There is deep healing available to you right now. And if you can gather the courage and faith to let go you will discover a level of intimacy with life, and maybe another person, that will completely blow your mind. Get out of your own way. Trust me. You will become lighter and maybe even liberated from all of the things that held you down in the past.

Sagittarius: LOVE. For real. Real love. Let it become your mantra. This isn’t cliche, this is the the thing you have been chasing for so long. That feeling of falling into life, becoming infatuated with every detail. You won’t lose yourself in this love, instead you will find that this is where you have been all along. Waiting. What would you do if you felt fully loved? You know the answer to that question. Go for it. Create. Make beautiful things. Touch the world with your magic. This isn’t the end, it is just the beginning. You can rest here for a moment and take it in. But there is much work to be done. You may feel yourself wanting to back away. Don’t. It really is this good.

Capricorn: GRIEVE. It is time. Things will become much easier when you let go of past heartbreak. You are still holding onto a piece of the story. Something wants to be healed but it requires opening both of your hands and letting go on your strong grip. Grief is the process of letting go. But you don’t get to keep some of it for yourself. Trust that you have gathered all of the wisdom you need from this experience and you are ready to move forward. This requires your care and attention. You are so much stronger than you have been and you know this. Make a plan and take action. It is time for you to do something about this, for real … even if that something is just letting go.

Aquarius: RECOGNIZE. Sometimes we just need to sit back and have a long hard look at where we have been and what we have accomplished. Do that. Feel into all you have become over that past year. You have created alot for yourself, even if it lies under the surface. It deserves your ackowledgment. Being a witness to your success will propel you forward even further. Once you have taken notice look at where can you be more playful? You can get stuck high up in your head sometimes and forget that you are a creative being. You have a childlike enthusiasm that comes very natural to you. Make sure you haven’t lost touch with that part of yourself. Inside of that space lives your creativity and inspiration. There is something new that wants to be brought forward and you will find it there.

Pisces: SAFETY. You need it. And you don’t have it right now. That is okay, there is just a restructuring that is underfoot and it is shaking up your foundation. Because everything has changed so much you need to begin to build stability for yourself. Alot of the changes have happened internally. Things feel different. The trick is that you can’t look to anyone else for the stability that you are searching for. It all has to come from you. Does this scare you? It shouldn’t because this is where your power lies. When you create your own security you are completely free. Allow that desire for freedom to lift you over your fear. It will take courage but you are way more capable than think. If you are feeling fear, find practical ways to soothe yourself. You got this.

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