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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans – March 2020

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans – March 2020

Aries. You are awakening to your worth in a whole new way. Finding new ways to access your talents and gifts. Part of it is a remembrance, accessing parts of yourself that you have forgotten about. And another part is discovering new things that you didn’t know existed. They have always been there, hiding under the surface. It is time to pull them up. It would be wise to take a lot of time for reflection. The energy is more internal than external. Fill yourself up from the inside. You are here for a reason, if you don’t know why yet take time to figure it out. Find your mission, write it down, make it your mantra for the rest of the year. If you do this you will begin to create some magical opportunities for yourself.

Taurus. Turn in to turn on. Can you direct your attention completely towards yourself? If you are feeling undervalued it is because you have not found that for yourself. The way to this is through feeling good. It’s that simple. But it can feel tricky because often we think things feel good because other people have told us they do. This is about finding your authentic sense of self and then seeing what you are magnetized to from that place. Are you investing time into the things that you love, the people that you love? Or are you leaking your energy into places that don’t actually have value for you. You get to choose. A Lot of this has to do with learning to listen to your intuition. It knows.

Gemini. You are restless, kind of. It’s a new flavour of unease. You are used to being restless, it’s part of who you are. You need movement and stimulation and challenge. But this feeling is different. You are yearning for something new. A sense of rootedness, a sense of home, a sense of connection. You are done with people that don’t do it for you. You know what I mean, I know you do. You are ready to up-level your entire life, which means you need to raise the bar on who you allow close to you. It makes a difference. Not everyone gets to see your inner world, only those that are kind and wise enough to know that it is a sacred space. It is time to go below the surface and start to satisfy your soul’s needs. That is what you need to feed.

Cancer. You are still figuring out how to relate to the rest of the world. To people. Others. No man (or woman) is an island. This is the truth. So what are you going to do about it? First, figure out what it is that you need to feel safe and good and then move from there. Create boundaries that make sense for you, and they only have to make sense for you. You need to withdraw and that is just fine. Give yourself permission to take the space you require. But be aware of the danger of taking too much space, because that is a very real possibility with you. Connection and intimacy is just as important. It is your work to find that balance.

Leo. There is a really big shift available to you right now but it will require you taking some risks. They are not risks on the material plane, but more risks of the heart. A call to become more vulnerable, more humble, and more open is here for you. The more you share of your true self, the things that are in there, the raw stuff… the more you draw to yourself opportunities and people that are right for you. Not to sound cliche, but it would be wise to follow your heart right now. It is speaking to you. If you can’t hear it, find new ways to listen. Get quiet. Spend time alone. It has important things to say.

Virgo. Are you being useful? That is the question these days. Because the thing is, it is really important to. You truly need to feel as though you are contributing, making a difference, effecting change. These things matter. What is required of you right now is openness. It might be a challenge because you have to become more vulnerable than you may be comfortable with. Make yourself more available, but your true self. It will make connections with others more accessible. Because we all feel insecure. If you march through life arrogant and puffed up, you miss out on real relationships. Jump out of your comfort zone and see what you get.

Libra. You are trying to get to the bottom of something right now. It has to do with restructuring your life. You have grown and evolved so much over the past few years that your old ways of doing things are outdated. Your operating system needs an upgrade. For this detective work you are going to need more quiet space and time with yourself. It is temporary but super important right now. Create new ways of listening. Reflection. Contemplation. Lean heavily into your meditation practice and if you don’t have one, it is time to get on it. If you can create structure around your creativity and how you utilize your time you will find yourself in completely new territory. And this territory is all yours.

Scorpio. Your needs are changing. Can you feel it? It is time to change things up a bit. You are stuck and you don’t have to be. It just requires finding new outlets for your energy. Where does your energy want to go right now? Do some digging. Figure out what is missing. Do the Nancy Drew thing and get all detective about your life and your world. The places to look are the places that hold your pleasure and vitality, and the places that don’t. If you can recalibrate and find a new center of focus you will begin to feel enthusiastic about your life again. Things are getting a bit too heavy but that is just because the lightness is missing. Have fun, find fun people and it will change everything.

Sagittarius. It is all new. Everything is new. It’s time to start over completely, but still somehow manage to carry the wisdom from the past forward with you. It is a fine line, but if anyone can do it it’s you. Make FOCUS your word this month. Simplify. Choose a few really important things and completely focus on them. Ground that scattered energy because you are not going to accomplish anything if you continue to try to do one million things. Allow yourself a fresh start and it all starts with changing how you use your mind. Work it like a muscle. But not in the way you normally work it. Build your focus. Train it into being. It is time to create something real and tangible. In order to make this happen you need to completely restructure your habits. And rewire that beautiful brain of yours.

Capricorn. Something is ending. For real. It is big big. A complete shift happens. Wherever you have been spending your time and energy for the past three years is going to change dramatically, and in a positive way. The things that were difficult won’t feel so difficult anymore. You will have new challenges and new lessons to learn but you are ready for it. This change can make you feel a bit restless but go with it. The restlessness is good for you because you can often get heavy-footed. Be lighter and embrace movement, whatever that looks like for you. You might want to take this opportunity to breathe new life into all of the spaces in your life, and that includes the physical ones. Clean out. Clear out. Make room for something new.

Aquarius. You may be procrastinating on something of great importance to you. It comes from a place of perfectionism and lack of confidence in your abilities. But you are so capable. And you are so ready. Figure out what it is that you are not doing that you need to do and then just do it. That is the energy that is required right now. Find ways to create more clarity so that it is easy to come to the tasks that require your attention. You want to tend to these things because they will bring you towards what you want. Prioritize getting through the difficult stuff and you will find that it isn’t that difficult at all. You have what you need to tend to them because they are for you to tend to. Believe in yourself and get to work.

Pisces. There is something that wants to pull you out of yourself. In a good way. New things. There is alot of innovative energy surrounding you rightn now, alot of creativity. You tend to move inward but the pull is out. Out into the world, out of your regular routines and habits. At the same time the soul part of you, your internal world, needs tending to as well. Especially as you put yourself out there. You need to stay tethered to your own center so that you do not lose yourself in this movement. But it is important to follow this new feeling because it has everything to do with your mission and your reason for being here. Your life wants to live itself through your right now, fully. Let it.

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