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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: March 2019

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: March 2019

Aries: Everything is happening under the surface. No one on the outside actually knows the depth of our roots. This is exactly how it is meant to be. Tend to your garden quietly and be very careful what gets planted right now by way of thoughts, words and interactions. Take a curious inventory of your behaviours, especially when it comes to others. This isn’t time to settle for mediocre, miserable collaborations. I really want you to think of your life as though it is a garden. You have (and continue) to plant hearty, strong seeds. But remember that no matter how careful you are with what you cultivate, if you are overrun with weeds everything will just get choked out. It’s time to clean house. You know exactly what needs to go, it is obvious. Those unruly plants are only going to continue to cause problems. Get them out right at the root. It is the only way.

Taurus: Shazam. Are your ready? You are. Now is your time. Everyone wants (and needs) what you have. You just have to make sure to be yourself, fully and completely. There is no more time for masks and personas… step forward inside of who you really are. Your authenticity is the answer to every problem and challenge you may have. You are about to enter a prolific stage of liberation. Be prepared to feel very free. It might scare you a bit because you are so used to being in control (or pretending you are) but you actually have no control at all. What you do have is sovereignty and the ability to choose how you respond to what comes your way. And please trust me when I tell you that you are going to love everything making its way to you.

Gemini: So many questions, right? But guess what? You actually have to start looking for the answers where they have always lived … right where you stand. Yeah that’s what I said, you have them all. You are wise. I am telling you this because it is the truth. Think, for a moment, about how much you have lived through. How could you not have all of the answers. The only thing that stands in your way is your inability to see your own genius. Open your eyes. Soul-searching is a real and valid passtime. I want you to make this your new and passionate hobby. Even if you feel as though you have already searched long enough, there is a window right now that will allow you to jump right on through. All that is required is your willingness (which might feel like an impossible task) If you become open to yourself, you may even awaken to your pleasure in a new and astonishing way.

Cancer: Peace has always been elusive to you. If you take this next month to reevaluate how your mind works and revise your knowledge base you might actually find it. A deep and steady peacefulness that you have never had before. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Doesn’t that feel worthy of letting go of your stubborn belief systems? Just let them go. You are ready anyhow. And you know it. The drama of the last while has just been your ego fighting for its last breath. Let it die. It only gets you into trouble anyway. Once you loosen your grip you will find you begin to attract a whole new tribe that actually sees you for who you really are. Those are the people you want around you anyway. They are steady in their appreciation of you because it is based on your true self. The rest of the jokers can go jerk their own chains and you can take all of this new found energy and make something real and good.

Leo: I know you don’t really want to, but the time has come to face your fears. The real big ones that have allowed you to hold yourself back from everything you want. The good stuff needn’t trickle in anymore, open the valve and let it pour all over you. The thing is, these fears aren’t as big as they feel. Once you have surpassed those obstacles they will look teeny and insubstantial in the rearview mirror. Go on a research mission to figure out where are actually stuck. Your curiosity will be your best ally over the next little while. I feel like if you can take this on you will quantum leap to your highest potential. Maybe the discomfort of not making those big dreams happen will be enough to inspire you into action. I hope so, because I want to see you shine. We all do actually. You are our bright light, our sun. Do your job sweet Leo. We are all depending on you.

Virgo: What do you need vs. what do you want? It feels nice to be adored … even worshiped, but that isn’t reliable. People are fickle. How about looking for respect, love, compatibility, and people that are brave enough to call you on your shit. That is what you need. Especially if you want to reach those heights you have your sights set on. You will get there, but not with that ego on your tail. Get those feet of yours on the ground and then reach for the stars. You will begin to see everything in a new light. You are pretty good at taking risks but they are always calculated, and I know you would say ‘is there any other kind?’ And I would say yes there is. Vulnerability, real vulnerability, that’s pretty risky. But the pay-off is well worth it.

Libra: Are your daily habits supportive of your biggest dreams? You may think they are but it’s time to take a closer look. Because your dreams have grown and evolved, which means you need to do the same. There is energy that is stuck somewhere and you need it right now. Your life wants more of your enthusiasm and excitement. Think about romancing yourself. What would nourish you the most right now? Instead of asking how you are doing, ask ‘what do you need?’ And the thing about this question, is that you are the only one who knows the answer. The main piece of this exercise is letting go of your dependencies on other people. You need to give to yourself and life will begin to offer you the same generosity. Make a plan and prioritize your pleasure. Fit it into your daily schedule.

Scorpio: It’s big. There is tons of forward momentum but you are going to be seduced into the past. Try to stay focussed. You would be wise to focus your energy on occupying your environment. Make your space supportive. Lean into beauty, it is simple and will bring you the inspiration that will propel you forward. Allow yourself to get excited about the little things that bring you pleasure. Go slowly. Find out where you can make changes so that you can do more of what you love. And maybe you don’t even know what you love anymore. Be open to the fact that your interests have changed. You are expanding at a rapid pace. Your job right now is to keep up with your expansion. This is a quiet time, everything is moving inward… follow that.

Sagittarius: There are alot of changes happening up close and personal and most of them will be facilitated by you. You have a new found energy and can harness it to effectively rearrange the pieces of your life. Start from the ground up. Clean the basement, clear your space. It is time to make room for all of the big and beautiful things about to flood into your life. Get up to speed with where you are going. Get ready to be ready for it all, because it all is coming for you. This is your most important work right now. If you don’t make this a priority you will find yourself overwhelmed by all that is happening. And you don’t want that because this is meant to be enjoyed. It is your devotion and hard work that has gotten you this far, make sure you get to reap the benefits. Everything is ripe and ready for you right now. So get yourself ripe and ready too.

Capricorn: Anything that feels tight and ill-fitting has got to go. The only reason you are feeling irritable and sensitive right now is because you are holding onto things that are too small for you. Think big. Break-free from your practical way of thinking, just long enough to remember all of those juicy dreams you hold close to your heart. You have forgotten them while you were cleaning up a few messes. It is time to revisit them. They will give you the energy and inspiration you need to reach beyond where you are now. You are entering a time where everything will feel very new. It may be a bit disorienting at first but, trust me, you will adjust and adapt quickly. Bring your whole self forward so you are fully present where you stand. You have this habit of going backwards in time. Create a new habit, one where you live right now and look ahead with satisfaction and anticipation.

Aquarius: There is not much stability in your energy right now. You are restless. This is the way it is supposed to feel because you are in a time of great transition. Big sweeping changes, even if they are happening under the surface. You don’t like change but you can’t help become awake to old patterns. You are ready to release them and if you aren’t ready you will be forced to release them anyway. What will force you? Your own discomfort. It will become so obvious that you have outgrown your old self that you will have no choice but to allow the change to occur. Lean into the instability and don’t resist it. It might be helpful for you to find a daily practice that grounds and centers you. It can be anything as long as it gets your feet firmly planted. You will emerge from this time seeing everything in a completely new light.

Pisces: Begin. This is it. Tabula Rasa … blank slate. You get to start over in every way possible. This should make you feel electric because it really is a completely new beginning. What would you do if failure wasn’t possible? How would you be if you could recreate yourself? These are the questions you should be rolling between your fingers. If you are willing, all of the old stuff will just dissolve. It will take little effort on your part. If you have been feeling tired and off, know that it is just your system preparing for all of this new juicy stuff coming in. Think of it as a full on detox. You needed to make room. You have been getting ready. There is an air of magic in your world right now. Anything is possible and you may have a difficult time believing the things that begin to present themselves. Generate a good deal of faith, it will be well worth your time.

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