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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: May 2019

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: May 2019

Aries: RENOVATION. The old structures need some updating. The foundation is solid and sturdy but the framework is dilapidated. It is time for some new construction. This has everything to do with the daily habits and rhythm you have established. It is no longer sufficient enough to support your expansion. And you are about to expand and grow beyond where you have been. Think about creating a scaffolding that will allow you to take a leap. Put things inside of your daily life that give you the stability to move far and wide. You are an innovator but it becomes impossible to create when you are just trying to keep steady. Free up your energy to focus on your creativity. Oh … and money. Figure it out, clean it up. It is time to get real.

Taurus: ACTIVATION. It is going to feel like a million light bulbs are being switched on from the inside. Go with it. New possibilities, new pathways, new people, new ideas. You are becoming turned on, quite literally. The thing is your old self is too small to hold all of this and things could feel a little tight and uncomfortable. If you find yourself sitting in discomfort and pain try a new perspective. What if that pain just comes from your old skin stretching to fit your new self. Think like a snake. Shed the layers of yourself that no longer make sense and you will feel free and agile. Use your discomfort as a barometer for your growth. It is just information that you are changing and change is good and inevitable. While you are going through this process, make sure not to compare yourself to others. Focus on your own value and authenticity. That is the only information that is relevant to you right now.

Gemini: DEEPEN. You are really proficient at going outward. And you are very comfortable on the surface. This doesn’t mean you don’t have depth, it is just where you like to spend most of your time. It is time for you to switch directions for awhile. Swim below the surface. You will like what you find. There is so much going on in your inner world. It will nourish you and you are in serious need of some nourishment right now. I want you to think silence, peace, solitude. These will become your most trusted friends over the next little while. It may feel unfamiliar at first but it won’t take long before it begins to feel like home. It is important to check in with yourself in this way, without interruption from the outside world. Your needs and desires have shifted and you may not even be aware of what they are anymore. You are operating on an old system. It is time for an update.

Cancer: RESONANCE. Things are about to get interesting. Circumstances are pushing you to question everything right now. A new perspective is necessary if you are to understand where you have been and where you are going. Trust. If you cultivate a state of flow and agility you will find yourself surprised and delighted with what comes across your path. But you must look at everything with fresh eyes or you will miss it completely. Be open to thinking in a completely new way. Get quiet enough to start listening to your own voice and how you feel. Only move towards things that resonate with you, that feel good, that feel like home. Your emotional intelligence will take you far right now. It isn’t wise to listen to your mental chatter but to the more subtle sound of your intuition. What is it saying?

Leo: DREAM. What is your big, audacious dream? The one that would make you cry if it actually became your reality. That is where you need to put your energy right now. Because anything is possible. You are the center of your universe. And it isn’t about going out and getting it, it is about allowing it to come to you. Become like a lighthouse. Spend time working on your own state of being. What is your mood, what are your habits, what are you thinking? These are the questions that you must ask yourself on the regular. It is all about taking full responsibility of how you move about your world. Get curious, get honest, and get to work. And don’t take it too seriously. The more you play and have fun with it the easier it will be to move towards your big giant goals. The heaviness will only weigh you down.

Virgo: INSPIRATION. I am not sure what this word means to you but it would be wise to become intimate with how it manifests in your life. It comes from the latin root: to blow into, to breathe upon. So how can you breathe more life into your life? Where is your edge? What will take you beyond the walls you keep bumping up against? The world wants more from you but it is your job to find the energy that will bring you there. There is a path of least resistance, one that is free from obstacles and feels good. Really, really good. It should feel a bit like a treasure hunt. And the mantra is more. More passion, more love, more creativity. Don’t settle for anything less than more. If anyone is up to this task, it is you.

Libra: HEALING. Sometimes healing is not the most exciting and exhilarating but it is necessary for all of us and right now it is your time. There are things under the surface that are still holding you back. Life will bring them to the surface for you to see. Be open to experiencing them. The old fears no longer make sense to who you are becoming. They are only standing in the way of you realizing your full potential. And wouldn’t you be willing to give up anything that is standing in the way of that? We often hold onto things because they are familiar and comfortable, even if they don’t serve us. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It won’t last forever. This is just a process to becoming more free. And freedom is what all that you really want.

Scorpio: ELEVATE. Think of your life as though it is an apartment building. Every once and awhile it is time to pack up and move. A change of location is upon you. You have been on the floor level for awhile but the penthouse just became available and your name is on the lease. This move requires some work. You have to clean up your shit, put things in boxes, decide what comes with you and what you leave behind and climb those stairs. You need energy for this endeavour so get some rest. You can’t take everything with you. Know this. Certain things, people, behaviours and ideas don’t belong on the top floor. But think of the view. You have been looking out your window at garbage cans and concrete for long enough. Your line of sight is about to change completely. You are about to experience a whole new world, but you have to do the climb.

Sagittarius: RECALIBRATION. It is time to get ready to be ready. Something has shifted and a whole new life is coming to you. But you aren’t there yet. You are not yet ready. Be okay with this. Just get ready. Look at everything with an eye of discernment. Who do you need to be to fit into who you are becoming. You may need to change everything. I feel a complete overhaul coming your way. Be open to making adjustments in all areas of your life. Put yourself into the future and see what is required of you when you are there. You will need more energy, more time, more space and more creativity. Start cleaning house. Think of it as breaking the habit of being yourself, so a new self is able to emerge. Make room for what is coming. Get excited about the process of transformation. You want it. Everything you have ever wanted lies on the other side of this. Go get it.

Capricorn: LIBERATION. You don’t always have to be productive and useful. You rest inside of this place very easily but you are about to experience yourself in a new way. It is just as important to be free. This is the only way to explore new aspects of yourself. Otherwise you will just keep repeating the same over and over again. You will need to let go of your desire to be relevant. Just be relevant to your own process of evolution. Lean into the light. This isn’t a time to be serious. Your life will continue to provide you with opportunities to find joy. But you have to be willing to go there. Your responsibility is only to yourself and your expansion. Try not to weigh yourself down. This means listening to your own voice. Only you know what you want and what you need but this requires looking inward and shutting out all the other noise.

Aquarius: STABILITY. Often we go about looking for our stability in the places where it does not exist. You are about to get an opportunity to reinvent your relationship with your own sense of security. If you take this exercise seriously, you will come out the other side completely free from anxiety and worry. Because you will know you are now standing on solid ground. And that ground is you. It is a mistake to think that your security lives in your job, your home, your relationships or even your identity. All of these things will change. Nothing is certain. But there is a place within yourself that is unchangeable and steady. A wide expanse of goodness that lies underneath everything. Go find that place. All that is required of you is a willingness to find it.

Pisces: CONNECTION. We all need it. Sometimes it is illusive to you because you run away from it out of fear. But connection and dependency are not the same thing and that is where you are confused. True intimacy is based on a balance of give and take. A sharing of energy. The way to find real connection is to pay attention to how people are with you. Notice when others want to control you or change who you are and move in the opposite direction. Find people who are easy to be with and feel good. You don’t owe anyone anything and you are allowed to choose who comes into your life and who doesn’t. Your kindness and empathy can sometimes put you in situations that are not for you. The answer is not to build up impenetrable walls but to be discerning and learn to say no (and to allow yourself to say yes when it feels right).

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