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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: November 2018

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: November 2018

Aries: If you are feeling heavy it is time to start to let thing go. Stagnation doesn’t look good on you. Remember, you are a blazing arrow so anything that impedes movement has got to go. This means you need to spend more time with yourself. Be quiet. Don’t talk so much. The exercise is to listen and pay attention – most importantly to your own inside voice, the one that is insulated from the external world. What is it telling you? It can be difficult to hear sometimes but if you can find a way to turn down the volume of your surrounding environment and the people in your world that voice will begin to become loud and clear. The ability to listen will become your greatest weapon against any destructive forces in your life. It just takes practice.

Taurus: These are turbulent times, or at least they have been. You have done well. Take a moment to recognize all of the ways in which you have moved through past difficulties with grace. Don’t spend too much time thinking about how you could have done better, it’ over. Just keep moving forward. Your world is requiring alot of you right now and this will continue. The remedy? Spend as much time alone as possible. Go further inward so you can be more effective in your outer world. This could become a really potent time of self-discovery. You still have alot to learn about yourself. Who you actually are, what turns you on, what you want. What you really want. A new energy is moving in, allow it to by recognizing what is for you and what is not. If it feels good, grab it and pull it in.

Gemini: Nothing looks the same or maybe you are just seeing with new eyes. Something has changed. It is you. And this will continue. Your work is to keep up with your own evolution. How? Every time you feel bad get curious about the places where you are too tight, too closed. The places that don’t fit into your new paradigm. You are moving out of your comfort zone at a rapid pace. It would serve you to get comfortable with discomfort because that is what is going to take you to where you want to go. And then not only will you see the world differently but the world will see you in a completely new light as well. Pay attention to who you are being and if you are living your truth. Reevaluate what face you are bringing to your world and if it is a mask (which it may very well be) it is time to take it off.

Cancer: You are on the other side of it now. The worst is truly behind you, if we can even call it the worst. It might have been the best. You are becoming a diamond so even the most intense pressure is worthwhile these days. Go with it. It is taking all of your dark edges and transforming them into sparkling gems. If you are feeling hardened by all of this life stuff, change it up. Break apart your daily rhythm so it becomes unrecognizable. Loosen your ties to the familiar, it will give you the freedom you didn’t even know you wanted. Safety feels warm and fuzzy but it is an illusion. Get used to the flavour of freedom. Once you untangle some of your more tightly wound habits you will begin to feel the tension release. You believe they are giving you stability but they are actually destabilizing you on a daily basis.

Leo: It is time to put on your detective hat because you have a big mystery to solve. This is going to require some serious creative thinking – a completely new way of using your brain. But you have to be willing to go below the surface which is sometimes tricky for you. How can you extract more joy from your life? The answer to that question lies deeper than you think. If you have the tenacity to go looking for what you need (which you absolutely do) everything will become revitalized and it will nourish you so you have the energy necessary to tackle some of these big goals stretched out before you. With creative thinking comes creativity, and a more expanded version than you have become accustomed to. Instead of recycling thoughts and ideas from the past you will begin to connect with something completely fresh and new. Get ready for everything to change in ways you couldn’t imagine, but have always wanted.

Virgo: What have you recently realized? Or maybe it hasn’t come yet, but it is on its way and it has everything to do with how you are responding to your world and what aspects of yourself you are bringing forward. Are you aware of the effect you have on your environment? You are moving around inside of your own atmosphere. Check your climate, it will allow you to understand why certain things keep happening to you. Self-awareness is the only way to actually engage in the process of evolution. If you want things to change you eventually have to look at yourself. You are, after all, the common denominator. You. This has nothing to do with generating guilt and shame towards yourself. Just a healthy dose of self-reflection. It takes courage to tell the truth about who we are, even if it is just to ourselves.

Libra: Magnetize. Get used to this word. We are always pulling things towards us. What is it that you are attracting into your life? What is it that you want to magnetize towards yourself? When you change your way of thinking you change what comes into your world. You are getting a chance to give your operating system a complete overhaul which will allow you to alter your magnetizing abilities. If there are things you do not like in your world, now is the time to change it up. You are in constant communication with your life – what are you asking for? It is not in your words but in how you feel. You have to feel it before you see it.

Scorpio: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein. How deep is your love, Scorpio? Because you are going to have to do a bit of diving if you want to extract all that you need right now. There is alot going on and much more is required of you. I would love to see you disrupt your life. If you want different results you must do something different. But relax. It’s a fine balance. You have to make big, sweeping changes without pushing at all. Think power, not force. Use the power of your will, the power of your creativity to bring your life to the place you want it to be. You are going to have to get your hands dirty for this one. But don’t do it from a place of dissatisfaction, do it from a place of gratitude. Generate appreciation for your life and your ability to get curious about how to make it better.

Sagittarius: It is time to jump off the cliff. You are a risk-taker by nature but your life is opening up for you. More is the mantra. More courage. More sensuality. More creativity. From the inside out. What do you need to be able to pull this off? What do you need to feel comfortable being vulnerable? You are allowed to ask for what you need. But you must explore what that actually is first. Use your imagination as your source of research. Imagine more for yourself and lean into how it would feel. Use these emotions as your compass. Stabilize yourself in these emotions and don’t sacrifice your stability for anyone. The people surrounding you will ask this of you because your changes will make them uncomfortable. But your life is not a currency. It should never be traded for anything. If you don’t follow your evolution right now you will become tight and closed. Stay open and, above all, trust.

Capricorn: You are a problem-solving genius. Did you know this about yourself? All you need to do is look closely at how you have been meeting the recent challenges on the table and you will see that you have become a master. Cultivate compassion for yourself, you are doing fine. Better than fine. Sometimes healing can look like depression from the outside. It requires you to pull inwards and remove yourself from the rhythm of daily life. Now that you have come through this part of the cycle you are ready to move on. Forwards, not backward. This next phase will require you to move from your heart rather than your head. This might prove to be difficult at first because you like to analyze and compartmentalize but it won’t give you the answers you are looking for. Be open to operating in a completely new way.

Aquarius: Allow yourself to grow wildly this month. Let go of some control. You are being pulled to a higher ground. If you procrastinate because of your fear of change, you will only prolong the process. This expansion is happening with or without your cooperation. You can make it easy and fluid, or hard and complicated. It is all in your ability to have faith in your life, and your intuition. It is extra important to listen to your own voice right now, it will inform you of what is needed for you to make this transition in the gentlest way possible. Be open to approaching challenges with a different energy than you are used to. Be inventive and curious. These two qualities will become your most important allies in the months ahead. If you can avoid taking things too seriously this will become one of your most greatest adventures.

Pisces: Life moves in all directions, doesn’t it. If your feet aren’t firmly on the ground the effect can be dizzying. Generate discipline towards some form of spiritual practice – it will support you through all of your changes. Make it your own, something that fits inside of your belief systems. It isn’t so much what you do but with how much consistency. Can you create a steady rhythm of stability for yourself right now? No one else is going to do it for you, so you have to be pro-active about it. But my sense is you will have a new wave of energy towards creating this stability. It will come easier to you than it has in the past. There are things you want and you have come to the edges of your patience. It is time to move things forward. You are ready.

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